America: Land of Exceptional, Indispensable Psychosis

A 38-year old man, a Muslim convert from Alabama, is a threat to America, according to the war party and its nameless “authorities.”

Soon as John Walker Lindh was released from prison, the MAGAites piled on, echoing Trump and his neocons (who are responsible for mainstreaming hatred of Islam, embracing apartheid Israel, and violating a raft of international laws). 

It’s unfortunate this young woman is an idiot. For her and so many other MAGAites, it’s about Hillary, the Democrats, and a select few Republicans who worked against Trump during the election. 

The willful stupidity and viciousness of the average MAGAite should not be underestimated. Facts are irrelevant, even despised. 

For instance, here is the Queen of Islamophobia, Pam Geller.

If she had bothered to investigate this case, she would realize Lindh didn’t kill Americans and murder was not part of the case against him.

This is, of course, irrelevant for Geller and other Zionists. She can get away with telling such lies because most Americans are ignorant of what the government is doing—mass murder, theft, war crimes—and after two decades of incessant propaganda, fabrication, and lies now believe all Muslims are killers. 

Lindh reportedly fought with the Taliban against the Northern Alliance, a CIA-supported group. If he killed anybody—and there is no evidence he did—it would have been Afghans fighting against the Taliban, a group of Wahhabi-esque fanatics supported by the US until it was decided Afghanistan would need be invaded and the Taliban wiped out before an oil pipeline could move forward. 

It would seem most Americans really don’t care if the US military has invaded and occupied countries, killing millions. It is now considered a dangerous psychopathic serial killer by the rest of the world. 

So well trained—like Pavlov’s dogs—are most Americans, they believe obvious lies about Venezuela, Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Libya, etc. So out of touch with reality—and plugged into an alternate reality designed by the state and corporations—are the American people, they now instinctively buy into the humanitarian interventionist agenda of Democrats, Republicans, and a MAGA president who is almost entirely clueless, an idiot savant only able to tweet and repeat adjectives. 

Alison, your father was killed as a result of an illegal and criminal invasion. He was an invader working for a national security state that has overthrown dozens of governments and killed thousands, if not millions, with its subversive behavior since the end of the Second World War, an orchestrated event designed to make the US an indispensable and exceptional nation able to plow over countries where oil, minerals, and other precious natural resources are coveted by a bankster and corporate elite. 

So long as the ruling elite, its media and academics, are able to tell lies without pushback—or rather a small amount of resistance, which is ignored and dismissed as extremism—it will be able to hoodwink the public and motivate them with more lies and patriotic gobbledegook to support organized mass murder ahead of grand larceny. 

The rest of the world knows the United States is a rabid, irrational, and violent predator. The American people, however, remain clueless and shamefully disinterested in the fact the country is run by psychopaths and serial murderers. 

More often than not, arch war criminals like Henry Kissinger, Clinton, Bush, and Obama are celebrated as “elder statesmen,” and soldiers involved in unspeakable crimes are portrayed as saviors.

I’m told over and over I need to thank them for their “service” in destroying and raping the rest of the world, which a fine-tuned Bernaysian propaganda and lie machine have distorted into a quest to give the rest of the world the neoliberal version of democracy and freedom. 

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2 thoughts on “America: Land of Exceptional, Indispensable Psychosis

  1. Why is America fighting the Taliban, which almost exterminated the Afghan poppy crop, which the CIA buys and flys to Columbia to be made into illicit opioids to be sold on the streets of American to fund their black projects?

  2. The USA is not the only country where the vast majority of the people are unaware of what is going on in the world and don’t really care anyway; Australia is like that as well. Television, corporate print media and fluoride have been used as tools to entrain the minds of almost everyone.
    Our technology may be considered to be magnificent however in a cultural sense we have not evolved much at all. People living in the big cities have no idea how much human (and animal) blood is spilt during the gathering of the resources that keep them operating. My advice is: whoever can do it, get out of the cities, lay down your armaments if you have them, live in peace, learn to grow your own food and share it with your neighbours.
    Cities are like giant pimples on the face of the Earth that are about to erupt, too many people die to keep them running.

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