Canada Joins the Authoritarian Censorship Agenda

Here’s how the Canadians will deal with citizen journalism and narrative debunking—they’ll force the taxpayers to subsidize corporate news rackets. 

“Federal agencies will publish an A-list of newspapers and websites deemed reliable under a multi-million dollar subsidy program, the Department of Finance yesterday told the Senate national finance committee,” reports an Ottawa website, Blacklock’s Reporter. 

Bill C-97 the Budget Implementation Act proposes a 15 percent tax credit to a maximum $75 for subscribers of websites operated by a “qualified Canadian journalism organization”. Criteria are not known. The tax credit is projected to cost $11 million in 2020. It expires in 2024.

The bill also amends the Income Tax Act to offer lucrative payroll subsidies for news organizations “primarily engaged in the production of original written news content”. A total $360 million would be paid over four years through a 25 percent payroll tax credit for publishers, the equivalent of a maximum $13,750 per newsroom employee, retroactive to January 1, 2019.

Not only will Canadians be forced at gunpoint to pay the salaries of official government script readers described as journalists, but the government is now in the process of making sure the average citizen will be prevented from viewing “misinformation” on social media. 

From Global News:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said social platforms were “failing their users” on Thursday, while speaking at the Viva Technology conference in Paris.

He said his government would hold companies to account for fake news, and that they had to make major improvements to their means of dealing with the issue or there would be “meaningful financial consequences…”

Speaking about Canada’s upcoming federal election, he said the government was taking steps to eliminate fake news and that a new task force had been created in order to identify threats to the election and prevent foreign interference.

Singapore’s parliament approved the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) on May 8, 2019.

Activist Post reports:

Under the law, any government minister can compel website administrators, internet service providers, and even private chat groups to immediately correct or remove ‘fake news’ from their domains. But the law’s definition of what counts as fake or false is remarkably vague.

The “Christchurch Call” is helping to push forward a campaign to sanitize the internet of all content government characterizes as dangerous. 

The Christchurch Call is a commitment by Governments and tech companies to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online. It rests on the conviction that a free, open and secure internet offers extraordinary benefits to society. Respect for freedom of expression is fundamental. However, no one has the right to create and share terrorist and violent extremist content online.

Of course, the definition of terrorist and violent extremist content online is remarkably vague, thus allowing the state to attach it to any individual or group it wants to discredit and target for elimination. 

“The term extremist refers to someone adhering to an ideology that is considered far outside the acceptable mainstream attitudes of society. Not all extremists are terrorists—some people hold extremist beliefs but do not resort to violence in an attempt to enact those beliefs. Some extremists hold extreme versions of views that could be considered normal,” explains the Anti-Defamation League. 

In other words, if you deviate from state-generated narratives, you are “considered far outside the acceptable mainstream attitudes of society” and will be denied access or—in the case of France, Germany, and now New Zealand and Canada—fined and possibly jailed for the crime of unapproved and therefore extremist and dangerous speech. 

The corporate media has done a fairly effective job of conflating populism and nationalism with white supremacy. It has also managed to portray antiwar activists both right and left as supporters of terrorism and either willing or unwilling propaganda tools for the likes of Bashir al-Assad in Syria, the mullahs in Iran, and Russia’s Vladimir Putin who is working to undermine democracy. 

The cancer of authoritarian censorship increases with every suspicious terrorist attack. Islamic terror now competes with white nationalism for headline space. 

Any criticism of the financial elite and their Ponzi scheme economy is considered antisemitism, and therefore hate to be censored and ultimately punished.  

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6 thoughts on “Canada Joins the Authoritarian Censorship Agenda

  1. Some people’s truth telling has always been misrepresented as “terrorist and violent extremist content” by those wanting us to ignore it. We should always pay more attention to writing which is demonized than that will induce diabetes.

  2. It seems like we may be heading into a situation where we will be forced to return to the old methods of information dissemination: Underground and alternative print media, distributed by volunteers throughout cities and towns. The current and planned censorship by the state is not a new phenomenon, truth about the US war on Vietnam was suppressed but it eventually became known without the internet and despite the lies of the corporate media.

  3. This is becoming a real dictatorship and it’s of course done by the globalist puppets in order to unroll their sick agenda.
    Trudeau, macron and merkel have no problem with hateful speech when it comes from the extreme left or the muslims, but they are losing against their own people who woke up and refuse to be replaced by fake refugees or to be robbed by bankers and government. The people have stopped to read, watch and believe the real fake news out there, the propaganda from the bbc, cnn, of this world, so the puppets like trudeau have been told by their masters to force people to hear corporate and gvt media lies.

    It is eaxctly like the USSR and its sattelites, people knew their societies were a big lie but coudn’t express it, or they could be punished.
    Canada has become a dicatorship like new zealand under the yoke of a far left prime minister.

    The Chrsitchurch attack is one in a thousands for daily muslim attacks against Christians (and has most likely been organized by the global elite), but it doesn’t matter, no one is going to censor hate speech from muslims.

    The goal is clear: destroy what’s left of democracy and our civilisation.

    If we let them do, they will send us to conecentration camps next, like Polpot, mao, stalin and hitler did.

  4. The American Revolution never would have occurred with Paine, Jefferson, Adams and so many others muzzled by such tyrannical laws.

  5. Scan out the entry for ‘Semite’ from any old Oxford dictionary. Any circunzized Nazis accusing you of being “Anti” ,with the Pig like greed gleam in their beady Porcine eyes, can be asked to explain how-
    A language group and a Founding myth, and those Are the Only Definitions – Is threatened by any criticism of Nuke armed inbred Murdering Hill Bandits.
    By Annie F. Ball point this will prove more difficult than they have set up!

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