President Bolton Plans to Send 120,000 Troops to Middle East

President John Bolton has put his signature on a plan to send 120,000 troops to the Middle East in a move all too reminiscent of the invasion of Iraq. The number is close to that during the invasion and destruction of Iraq. 

Meanwhile, the cigar store Indian president sits behind the big desk attacking a large array of  enemies with daily salvos of noisome tweets pounded into an overheated smartphone. He’s not in the loop on this one. Harry Truman’s buck no longer stops at the “Resolute Desk.” 

From CNN:

Citing administration officials, the Times said it is unknown whether President Donald Trump has been briefed on the plan, including the number of troops. The Times said the meeting occurred days after the Trump administration cited “specific and credible” intelligence last week that suggested Iranian forces and proxies were targeting US forces in Syria, Iraq and at sea.

President Bolton has his ducks in a row. The CIA and Pentagon have worked feverishly to stir up trouble within Iran’s ethnic minorities since the reign of Bush the Lesser. He signed off—or maybe it was President Cheney—on Operation Olympic Games, a cyber operation aimed at Iran’s centrifuges while at the same time Israel hunted down and assassinated Iran’s nuclear scientists. 

It is interesting at least four of the targets were assassinated with magnetic bombs attached to cars. It appears the “sabotage attacks”—or rather unsubstantiated attacks—near Fujairah port, just outside the Strait of Hormuz, consisted of limpet magnetic bombs (the explosions occurred below the waterline). 

“No evidence has emerged to show that Iran was involved. The affected countries are yet to assign blame,” reports the BBC. 

However, that hasn’t stopped President Bolton and his cabal of neocons from declaring Iran is the culprit—never mind the stupidity of the idea Iran would do such a thing a couple days after the US said they would—and the neocon habit of telling brazen lies to get mass murder campaigns rolling. 

It’s possible the headline grabbing maritime attack in fact did not occur. 

Global maritime news website have questioned the details surrounding the incident. The influential Lloyds List Maritime Intelligence, for example, criticised the authorities for “scant” information.

Quoting the maritime security company Dryad Global, it said: “Saudi reticence to report the incident accurately within their own media channels and the current failure to provide imagery evidence of the attack raises important questions as to the nature of the attack.”

The FleetMon website said: “What happened exactly, how bad were explosions and fire, if there were any, and what definition ‘act of sabotage’ means, how much true is indeed, the whole story, is so far anyone’s guess.”

Meanwhile, technology and conflict website The Drive said the lack of hard evidence added to the increased risk of regional conflict.

President Bolton will have his (and Bibi’s) war while the megalomanic Trump fights his “deep state” enemies, never mind the deep state operatives within his own administration. 

The real antiwar presidential candidates, meanwhile, are ignored by the corporate war propaganda media.

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4 thoughts on “President Bolton Plans to Send 120,000 Troops to Middle East

  1. One thing is for sure, if the US and their zionnist masters drop accidentally one or two nuclear devices on ryad and mecca and other whabbi shitholes, nobody in the world will blame them for that, quite the contrary.

    To be true, if the jews, muslims and iranians want to exterminate each others, we should just seel them the weapons and count the bodies, like when cops watch the mafia killing each others.

    And if you are shocked by what millions think, just go fuck yourself fucking snowflake.

    Nobody will regret iran, netanyu or pieces of shit saudi mass murdurers.


  2. By the way, after the other techno fascists have silenced all dissenting voices on their shithole platforms, the crapiest web design tool on earth, shitty wordpress is doing exactly the same with other dissidents or alternative voices like Jon Rappoport.

    I hope you are not hosted by piece of shit worpdress (oups you are). But maybe, if you are a leftist, neo marxist, muslim, communist, or queer or something of this kind, you might escape the real big brother…

  3. Perhaps these tanker attacks were false flags in either sense: to blame Iran for something they did not do, but which occurred, or to blame Iran for phantom attacks which did not occur. Last year, Trump based his firing missiles on Syria (in April) on hearsay social media reports of chemical attacks (which later were found to be staged hoaxes!).

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