North Korea and US Human Rights Hypocrisy

Last week Trump’s State Department said it is “gravely concerned” about the human rights situation in North Korea.

“We continue to work with the international community to raise awareness, highlight abuses and violations, enhance access to independent information and promote respect for human rights in North Korea,” said State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus, a former Public Affairs Officer at USAID, the color revolution shop that operates at the whim of Trump, his NSC, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. 

The Trump administration “concern” for human rights in North Korea is little more than a political stunt now that North Korea has taken a step back from negotiations with the United States.

Back in April, the US delivered declassified United States military and intelligence documents to Argentina. 

“The archival documents were the fourth and final batch of 43,000 declassified U.S. telegrams, military records, intelligence and confidential memos given to Argentina following an extraordinary 2016 agreement between Argentine President Mauricio Macri and former U.S. President Barack Obama,” explains Rut Diamint for The Conversation. 

The previously classified documents outline how the US assisted Gen. Jorge Rafael Videla’s brutal military dictatorship in 1976, which “gave way to the cruelest, most repressive and violent eight years of Argentina’s history.” 

Henry Kissinger and the Ford Administration worked with Argentina to kidnap “leftists, dissidents, union leaders and anyone who looked remotely like a threat. They tortured detainees, and then threw them alive and conscious out of airplanes into the River Plate, near Buenos Aires, or dumped their bodies in mass graves.” 

Pregnant women were killed after giving birth, their babies adopted by the families of childless generals. Neighbors under police surveillance informed on other neighbors to appease the junta, then were abducted and tortured anyway.

The human rights abuses in Argentina approved by the arch war criminal Henry Kissinger were part of Operation Condor, a CIA plan initiated by military dictatorships in the Southern Cone in the mid-1970s. A declassified US document describes Condor as “a cooperative effort by the intelligence/security services of several South American countries to combat terrorism and subversion. The original members included services from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia.” 

Operation Condor grabbed the attention of likeminded sadists in Europe. According to one declassified document, 

Representatives of West German, French and British intelligence services had visited the Condor organization secretariat in Buenos Aires during the month of September 1977 in order to discuss methods for establishment of an anti-subversion organization similar to Condor” due to their view that “the terrorist/subversive threat had reached such dangerous levels in Europe.”

I produced a video on Operation Condor for Newsbud. Here is the trailer. If you’re a Newsbud subscriber, you can watch the video in its entirety. 

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  1. It was pure genius for Kim to put Putin into place as his personal representative in future negotiations with Trump. It is “very interesting” that most of the Western media is still mum about it.

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