Trump, Big Macs, and Fox Neocon News

Our president is a busy man. He doesn’t have time to research background on the Middle East and Asia, so he gets his information encapsulated from Fox News while eating a Big Mac and those deadly fries during lunch and dinner breaks at the White House. 

Maybe he caught this Lou Dobbs segment:

It’s said Trump only tunes into Fox News. He has denounced the “liberal” networks as “fake news” engineered by establishment Democrats and other swamp creatures. 

Let’s call Fox what it is—a mouthpiece for neocon propaganda. 

Retired four-star general Jack Keane co-wrote a book with Frederick Kagan of the staunchly neocon American Enterprise Institute. He is remembered as an architect of Bush’s “troop surge” in Iraq and a co-author of “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” a 2000 Project for the New American Century document. The central thesis of this “Pax Americana” interventionist document—“large wars,” “constabulary duties,” and “securing global hegemony,” to name but three—remain active nineteen years after its release. 

Keane might be considered a wind-up doll for the military-industrial-surveillance complex. He’s a board member at General Dynamics and board member at the Institute for the Study of War founded by Kimberly Kagan, the wife Frederick Kagan. In addition, he is a senior adviser to Academi LLC, formerly Blackwater, the outlaw and disgraced mercenary outfit guilty of gunning down Iraqi civilians. 

Keane is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Investigative journalist Gareth Porter dubbed Keane “the mafia don of this network of retired and active-duty generals” at Fox and other networks (Keane also provides his “analysis,” which is the dubious analysis shared by John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, to ABC). 

So, in effect, when Trump is sending his cholesterol numbers through the stratosphere with his affinity for junk food, Fox News is telling him his neocon national security adviser and secretary of state are right about Iran and Venezuela, never mind the easily debunked lies never addressed.

Even so, Trump is hesitant to start World War III (or WW IV, the Cold War being number three). I don’t believe Trump is especially concerned about the fate of millions of Venezuelans, Iranians, North Koreans, Cubans, and other populations that might be targeted for the intransigence of their leaders, rejection of neoliberal economics, and the decision to run their own affairs, thank you very much, and tell Wall Street and the City of London to take a hike. 

It’s all about Trump, his massive, obese ego, and his place in history. He doesn’t want to be seen as Greg Stillson, the psychopathic president of the United States who starts a nuclear war in Stephen King novel “The Dead Zone.” 

If Trump keeps eating burgers while watching Fox News with its rabid neocons frothing to start wars on multiple fronts—they say they don’t want this, but they’re lying (as usual)—then he may be remembered as a Greg Stillson-like character, that is if there is anybody left alive to make such a comparison. 

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3 thoughts on “Trump, Big Macs, and Fox Neocon News

  1. The elite (who really have no nationality, they can cross borders as they please) have, through their mind control apparatus, convinced people in the western duopolies that they have only two parties to choose from at election time. Brainwashed people believe them. There is a fairly simple way to cut off their power: Don’t vote for any of the parties that they dish up to you and don’t buy products from their corporations. Vote local and buy local.

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