Sanctions Crazed Trump Does Blackbeard 

Our storied president is now a pirate on the high seas. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’d say he’s more like Queen Elizabeth I when she ordered Sir Francis Drake to grab Spanish ships and ransack them. 

Leave it up to the corporate media to play along. Calling the theft of a North Korean ship along with its crew a “civil action” is a new low for the war propaganda media. 

I’d say it’s an uncivil action taken by a nation that will kill you and your children for not doing exactly what they tell you to do. Like for instance hand over all your oil and precious metals. 

First and foremost, the “international community,” mostly a collection of rogue nations like the UK and France led by the United States and its psychotic neocon taskmasters, has no right to tell any other country what it can buy, sell, and trade. 

Of course, the whole point here is doing something media worthy as an advertisement for Trump’s sanctions, with his now familiar options upon a table, and try to make it all look like something more than bully-boy talk.

It’s a follow-up to his decision Iran should be prevented from selling its metals to customers. Those customers, if they dare cross Trump and his neocons, why they’ll be sanctioned as well. It’s possible half the world may end up sanctioned for one reason or another. 

The Donald was lucky Kim decided to test some missiles. It fits nicely in his latest Maximum Pressure campaign. North Korea has experienced this Maximum Pressure routine since the end of the Korean War, which didn’t end. 

If Trump and his neocons don’t ratchet down the sanctions, Kim will begin testing ICBMs again. Why not an hour ago he rustled up his aged big hat generals and ordered a drill, or so AFP reports. 

Kim is not prone to sit on his fat entitled ass and wait it out. The little man with a funny haircut is armed to the teeth and paranoid as his father and grandfather and with good reason considering how many Koreans were killed by yankee draftees during Truman’s little United Nations police action. 

Trump’s stunt—capturing a coal ship already captured by Indonesia—is a signal to both oil-rich Iran and Venezuela they best sit back and allow punitive and illegal sanctions to decimate their populations. 

Next up. US warships bristling with lasers and whatnot trying to pull over an Iranian tanker, a barge, or maybe a fishing dingy. It’s not a good idea to run away from the international policeman. 

An aircraft carrier just passed through the Suez Canal. B52s are in order, maybe saddled up with Trump’s new dial-down safe nukes. 

It looks like it might be on.

No telling with Trump. It’s said he’s already pissed at madman “Stache” Bolton, but then Trump ends up getting angry with just about everybody in the room, except of course “Jarvanka,” the name Steve Bannon bestowed upon the Kushner duo. 

But never mind, Marco’s on it. 

See, it’s all just some poor losers going to the corporate media to spew more gossip about Trump, which of course the media loves and slurps up and asks for more. 

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