Maddow: “God Bless” War Criminal John Bolton


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has finally lost her mind. She desperately clings to the now debunked Mueller investigation and its underlying premise: Vladimir Putin is responsible for the victory of Trump. 

Hillary Clinton doesn’t actually believe Putin and the Russian Federation undermined the election. She knows the real reason a clownish reality TV actor won the election is because the American people are fed up with a political class represented by Clinton that ignores them (except at election time) and consistently pushes the economic and political agenda of the financial elite, to wit: an evolving one-world government (“Global Governance”) enforcing the economic and political will of interlocked transnational corporations, trusts, foundations, and think tanks (the last more accurately described as media influencers). 

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow implores us to consider the human side of John Bolton. She says nothing about his complicity in the murder of more than a million Iraqis or his lies about Saddam Hussein. Bolton and Mike Pompeo, Trump’s secretary of state, are victims of Trump’s naivety in regard to Putin. Maddow mentions Russia interfering in our election, a lie debunked weeks if not months ago. She is preaching to the choir on MSNBC. Those seriously afflicted with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) will believe Maddow. They will continue to insist Trump did something. He’s a horrible sexist man, a bigot, a racist, a Hitler figure if not the very reincarnation of Adolf Hitler (not Stalin, who killed more, or Mao, who broke the record on killing tens of millions of his own citizens for the crime of disagreeing with him and his brand of communism). This mass delusion will slosh around well into next year and the 2020 election. 

I must admit. I am not surprised in the least Rachel Maddow is a neocon. She was one before, simply not in name. Now she’s with John Bolton in wanting to confront Russia.

It’s been like this since the Obama administration. Certain magic or possibly an exorcism of rational thought was performed on the Democrat masses, turning them into propagandized warmongers unable to find Venezuela, Syria, or Libya on a map. Americans are notoriously ignorant about the rest of the world, its customs, religions, and cultural differences. 

The first batch of neocons were liberals and Democrats. Some were Trotskyites back in the day. They grew disillusioned with the foreign policy decisions of Democrat presidents, so they flipped, became Republicans and “conservatives,” even though by definition they’re not. Both sides are staunchly pro-war and believe Russia is messing with democracy and a bold response is required. They also believe the US has the right to intervene anywhere in the world because America is the exceptional nation, a beacon of democracy. 

Maddow peddles the discredited and idiotic premise (to her and libs a foregone conclusion) that President Trump is a Putin marionette. 

Facts are irrelevant. Only the agenda is important. 

In other words, the end justifies the means. 

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2 thoughts on “Maddow: “God Bless” War Criminal John Bolton

  1. Rachel Maddow had perfected the only technique that will insure the permanent employment of a talking head, attracting eyes and ears to see and hear the commercials that fund all commercial broadcasting.

  2. Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar, along with Richard Haass, president of the Rockefeller CFR where John Bolton and most of the other PNAC neocons are members. Other Rhodes Scholar / CFR members include Bill Clinton, Strobe Talbott, Wesley Clark, and James Woolsey to name a few.

    See “The Anglo-American Establishment” by Carroll Quigley for a description of the imperialist Rhodes/Milner group which established the both the Rhodes Scholars program and the RIIA/CFR a century ago.

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