Facebook Finalizes Ban on “Alt-right” Personalities

According to Facebook, Alex Jones is a “dangerous individual” engaged in extremism and hate speech.  Ditto Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Paul Nehlen, Louis Farrakhan, and the Infowars website. 

Jones and the others “promote or engage in violence and hate,” according to Facebook. 

I was an editor at Infowars for eight years. I can tell you without a doubt Alex Jones is not a violent white nationalist or extremist. Rather, he is a shameless opportunist along with Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer. These are self-serving narcissists, not activists. Alex Jones would say just about anything to get his hands on your money. 

Facebook, of course, didn’t care to explain how the theatrical antics of these people can be considered hate speech or extremism. It’s conflation in action. 

Jones is a white nationalist because the SPLC and the corporate media say he is, not because he advocated sending Black Americans back to Africa or criticized Jews (in fact, Jones is quite protective of Jews and Zionists), but because the propaganda media has done an adequate job of attaching a racist scarlet letter to him and just about any other person who supports Trump and espouses “conservative” views. 

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was also permanently banned at Facebook. As an example of the absurdity and quite frankly the stupidity of the corporate media, consider The Washington Post has denounced Farrakhan as a “far right” leader, a ridiculous conflation designed to lump all “anti-semites” (apparently including Zionism apologist Jones) together in a neat and easily vilified package. 

I left Facebook around two years ago and Twitter last year. I did this on principle. I was further motivated when my follower numbers began a precipitous decline and people were telling me they no longer saw my posts in their feed. 

I’m certain all the social media corporations are taking a close look at their users and employing technical means to restrict their posts short of closing down accounts, which looks discriminatory and anti-free speech. 

France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and others are pushing draconian measures (New Zealand, for instance, where a shooting at a synagogue occurred, has proposed jail time and heavy fines for viewing “extremist content” online).  

The burden for all this is falling on social media corporations. The threat of excessive and punitive fines for posting “extremist” content—Alex Jones dressing up like a clown and pretending to be the Joker—will force these corporations to sanitize their platforms of any content the state may disagree with or at some future date may designate as terrorism.

This will not be limited to social media. The state and its “partners” in the corporatocracy (the true definition of fascism) will eventually outlaw anonymity on the internet and force users to login with some form of biometric ID, most likely using existing keyboard fingerprint devices. A government blacklist of “extremist” websites (this already exists, although Poynter recently took down its list) will convince ISPs to scour their services of government-designated extremists. For them, it is far easier to weather criticism for banning people than to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to governments. 

I’m not saying all “extremist” websites (those not closely following government narratives) will be removed. For now, removing Alex Jones and Infowars from social media is enough to send a stern message about expressing your (politically incorrect) opinions.

This blog is safe—for now. I simply do not have enough traffic to be considered a threat. 

But who knows what the future will bring. One thing, however, is certain—the state will not tolerate high traffic sites that debunk official narratives. It will designate these folks as the lowest of the low—the Alex Joneses of harmful conspiracy theories (harmful to the lies of the state) will be punished for exposing the truth. 

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