Alt-righter Tomi Lahren Warns Trump on Venezuela 

It’s true, some self-identified “New Right” or “Alt-right” partisans are against Trump’s threat to use military force to remove Nicolas Maduro and replace him with a sock puppet taking orders from the neoliberal elite. 

Tomi needs to get up to speed. I’m not sure why she hasn’t noticed or refuses to accept the undeniable fact Trump is down with the neocons in the swamp where war and rumors of war, economic lies, theft, malfeasance, and criminality hide in the murky and fetid waters. He is unwilling and unable to pull the plug. It was another campaign promise turned into a lie. 

Ms. Lahren buys into the half-truth Venezuela is wholly responsible for its problems, which she attributes to socialism, while ignoring how Trump’s sanctions are responsible for starving the Venezuelan people (thus far the sanctions are responsible for the death of 40,000 Venezuelans). 

Alt-righters like Tomi consider most Democrats to be socialists and Marxists indistinguishable from Maduro and the Chavezistas, thus demonstrating their kindergarten level understanding of geopolitics (which is on par with their cult hero, Trump). If Democrats are in favor of socialism as Lahren claims, why do so many of them support US intervention in a socialist country in violation of both international and domestic law? 

Lahren doesn’t have a problem with overthrowing the government of Venezuela and installing a neoliberal windup doll as president so long as this is not accomplished with US troops. 

Near the end of her video on Fox News, Lahren says Trump should fix domestic problems—maybe with some socialistic programs?—before worrying about the rest of the world. 

In other words, after he’s finished with our problems it will be fine by her (and a majority of other alt-righters) for their man in the WH to get back into neocon interventions and mass murder bombing campaigns. She’s not opposed to the use of violence against foreign nations. Tomi believes it’s simply a matter of priorities. 

Problem here is the al-right MAGA Trump supporters are not ideologically opposed to war and probably wouldn’t agree with George Washington when he said America must avoid foreign alliances and entanglements. 

On the other side, the old Left is no longer discernible. The New Left—the corporate and bankster left, as I call it—is all for war. Democrats were systematically brainwashed by eight years of Obama and the Humanitarian (sic) Interventionists. Now the War Party is nearly total, with a few exceptions such as Republican Sen. Rand Paul and Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. 

Not all Democrats support direct military intervention in Venezuela. However, it’s fair to say most don’t have a problem with covertly undermining the country—fostering coups, imposing crippling sanctions, and other nasty tricks the neoliberal elite and its national security state apparatus (the CIA and Pentagon) have engaged in for seven decades. 

Tomi and the alt-righters are in fact enabling Trump with their overall support of his administration and policies. Tomi’s little diatribe on Fox News is but a riffle in this support. For after the bombs begin to fall and the causalities pile up, the alt-right will be at the forefront of those demanding fealty to the state as it kills and destroys in the name of a democracy that doesn’t exist. 

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