CODEPINK: The Only Visible Opposition to Trump’s Venezuela Project

It’s a good thing the theatrical activist group CODEPINK has decided to block the USAID operative and would-be usurper Juan Guaido’s color revolution tutored partisans from occupying the Venezuelan embassy in the swank Washington neighborhood of Georgetown. 

I’m sure this really pisses off the neocons. They want the illegally self-proclaimed president of Venezuela and his USAID and neoliberal NGO trained co-conspirators to take over the embassy and pretend to be the only true diplomats of the country, thus adding a veneer of legitimacy to Trump’s war, or rather the war of his neocons. 

I don’t agree with CODEPINK’s social agenda, but wholeheartedly back their neo-60s street theater-esque effort to oppose neoliberal wars. 

I tend to regard CODEPINK as a token and often comical (and foundation lubricated) antiwar group. It’s a good thing, however, when this group of feminists show up to confront criminals like Elliot Abrams during congressional hearings. Nobody else is doing this. 

Which leads me to wonder how is it CODEPINK is permitted to attend hearings when they have scuffled with police and resisted eviction from proceedings by Capitol Hill cops.

Even so, CODEPINK has provided us with iconic images showing that there is at least a small semblance of publicly displayed outrage against the neocons and the endless wars, even if it may be controlled opposition. 

I recall at least two encounters of lasting significance. When CODEPINK activist Desiree Fairooz waved mock blood-stained hands in Condoleezza Rice’s face during a hearing on the Middle East in 2007, and the wonderful act of calling out master war criminal Henry Kissinger in 2015. 

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