US Terror Attack On Venezuela Imminent

Now that Trump’s coup has failed to oust Maduro in Venezuela, his administration is preparing for a military attack. 

Secretary of State Pompeo tried to escalate the situation when he said—without providing evidence, of course—that Maduro was ready to flee to Cuba when he was convinced by Russia to stay the course as Venezuela’s elected leader.  Both Venezuela and Russia had a field day poking holes in that unsubstantiated theory. 

The warmongering and slavish professional propaganda media wasted little time cranking up the heat so the war party might gain consensus—or at least appear to do so—from the American people.

In February, FAIR posted a report on the extreme bias of the corporate media on the situation in Venezuela. 

“The corporate media have continued to peddle the Trump-as-humanitarian-champion line, even after it was revealed that a US plane was caught smuggling weapons into Venezuela, and even after Trump named Iran/Contra criminal Elliott Abrams to head up Venezuelan operations,” writes Mark Cook. “Abrams was in charge of the State Department Human Rights Office during the 1980s, when weapons to US-backed terrorists in Nicaragua were shipped in US planes disguised as ‘humanitarian’ relief.”

If you’re a cable tv news watcher, you won’t hear about the attack on Venezuela by the US military (most likely in coordination with other South American nations) until Caracas is engulfed in flames and Maduro faces the fate of Salvador Allende in Chile or that of Gaddafi in Libya. 

Pompeo told us the US will attack Venezuela now that it is obvious Juan Guaidó will not convince the military to defect and join the “opposition” (arranged by USAID) and the people are not going over to his side. Of course, he didn’t say it like that, instead telling us the US prefers diplomacy, while also mentioning military “options on the table” for the umpteenth time. 

Plan A—bloodlessly installing Guaidó—is now history. Plan B—mass murder and crimes against humanity—are now front and center. 

Plan B was discussed in mid-April during a meeting held by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, a neocon-dominated organization that holds inordinate sway in Congress. 

Following the confidential CSIS meeting, Max Blumenthal tweeted:

In short, the US has planned to attack Venezuela for some time. Trump’s neocons know the Venezuelan people—many of them recall the poverty and privation imposed by neoliberal regimes prior to Hugo Chávez’s rule—will never allow a spawn from the country’s financial and political elite to run Maduro out of office and permit a bankster and transnational feeding frenzy at their expense. 

There are a number of war profiteers waiting in the shadows. For instance, Eric Prince, founder of the brutal mercenary group Blackwater:

In a matter of weeks or days, the US will attack Venezuela. The country will be subject to the same sort of “creative destruction” unleashed on Iraq and Libya. In Iraq, the US attacked civilian infrastructure, including water and food, and bombed hospitals, mosques, and schools (this tactic was perfected during Bill Clinton’s air war against Yugoslavia). This will be repeated in Venezuela. 

But here’s the rub for a clueless Trump and his warmongering psychopaths: the mobilization of a “civil-military alliance” (una alianza cívica-militar) against the invaders. 

The military has not gone over to Guaidó and the upper classes for two simple reasons: military leaders were not trained at the School of the Americas during the rule of Chávez, and military officers were influenced by the teaching of Simón Bolivar and his ideas about national and popular sovereignty. 

“Chavez wants 1 million armed men and women in the army reserve, and 150,000 have already joined, surpassing the regular military’s force of 100,000. Now Venezuelans are also organizing neighborhood-based militia units for Chavez’s Territorial Guard,” CBS News reported in 2006. 

The reservists were trained to engage in a guerrilla war and fashion weapons out of materials at hand, retired Rear Admiral Luis Cabrera Aguirre told the BBC in 2006.

In April, Maduro ordered an additional expansion of Venezuela’s civilian militia to exceed a million members. 

It will be interesting to see how the US plans to fight a guerrilla war with a million indoctrinated Venezuelans. Caracas may end up looking like Syria’s Raqqa—resembling Stalingrad after the Nazi Operation Barbarossa—but like the Russians, they will not give up until the invader is defeated. 

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  1. This has been the plan for sometime now.

    Jul 26, 2017 CIA director hints US is working to topple Venezuela’s elected government

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo indirectly admitted that the US is pushing for a new government in Venezuela, in collaboration with Colombia and Mexico.

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