FBI Stages Fake Terrorist Plot After San Diego Synagogue Shooting

Days after John Earnest’s alleged attack on a San Diego synagogue, the FBI announced it prevented a terror attack aimed at “white nationalists.”

According to Reuters:

Mark Steven Domingo, 26, a U.S. Army infantryman who recently converted to Islam, was taken into custody on Friday after undercover FBI operatives furnished him with what he thought were live bombs to be used in the attack, law enforcement officials said.

In other words, the FBI nurtured another would-be terrorist, set him up, and announced the arrest within a couple days of the synagogue attack. 

Authorities said Domingo, who had no prior criminal record, came to their attention because of a series of violent extremist messages he posted in online chat rooms, one of which called for “retribution” for the massacre of 50 people at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, by a gunman in March.

The FBI routinely trawls the internet searching for naive idiots declaiming hatefully on forums. It then contacts a selected target to ascertain the level of stupidity and malleability. The FBI then sends in operatives pretending to be fellow jihadists. The operatives manipulate the target into accepting inert duds as theatrical props. 

It’s fair to say Mr. Domingo was wholly incapable of carrying out a terrorist attack. He was capable, however, of spouting off in chatrooms, and later falling for FBI entrapment, and this made him an ideal patsy for the ongoing terror nonsense sent out 24/7 by the state and its corporate propaganda media. 

Domingo, who had purchased several hundred long nails to serve as shrapnel in the homemade pressure-cooker bombs, had also suggested attacks on Jews, police officers, churches, a military facility, Southern California freeways and the Santa Monica Pier during internet conversations with the FBI operatives, Young said.

Posting hateful nonsense on the internet is not illegal—not yet, anyway—and accepting a dud nail bomb sent during a government entrapment operation is not terrorism. 

It is safe to say Mr. Domingo wouldn’t be sitting in jail if the FBI didn’t require a propaganda event every few months to keep the forever war on manufactured terror churning along (and also showcase these efforts as part of its budgetary process). 

According to the criminal complaint, an FBI operative established contact with Domingo in a private online chat room in March, leading to discussions in which Domingo expressed support for Islamic militants and the desire to seek revenge for attacks on Muslims.

Reuters, of course, doesn’t mention this same MO has been used by the government multiple times to keep the heat turned up on the irrational fear Muslim terrorists are out there waiting for the right moment to strike and if not for a heroic FBI and its patriotic operatives, there might be a whole lot of dead people scattered about the Santa Monica Pier or on the notoriously chaotic freeways of Southern California. 

In one of his earliest posts, he suggested that “America needs another Vegas event,” an apparent reference to the 2017 mass shooting at a country music concert in Las Vegas where a lone gunman perched in a nearby hotel killed 58 people and wounded hundreds, the complaint alleged.

Fake News Par Excellence! Plenty of folks in Las Vegas saw multiple shooters while others point out it appears Stephen Paddock, the supposed “lone” gunman, wasn’t in the room or possibly the hotel at the time of the shooting. 

The myth of a crazed white senior citizen, a high stakes gambler and millionaire, killing around 60 people with the precision of a military sniper from 300 yards distant adds the appropriate amount of fear and loathing to this stage-managed foiled terror attack. 

You never know when the crazies will murder you and your children, so it is smart for the government to bomb children and grandmothers in Syria and Iraq (soon Iran, Venezuela, and maybe Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, with the prospect of a planetary kill-off after a nuclear war between the US and Russia and China). 

If we can believe anything the FBI says, the patsy in question wanted to copycat the Boston Marathon false flag bombing (or non-bombing).

Domingo, who said he wanted to become a martyr, also made reference to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, according to the complaint. During one meeting in person with an FBI operative, he arrived carrying an AK 47-style assault rifle, telling the informant: “I just wanted to show you that I’m serious.”

It’s not simply terror, it is also guns, which for many people the mere possession of makes one a possible terrorist. Millions of Americans believe the Second Amendment is a terror promoting amendment devised by white nationalist and slave-holding founding fathers. 

According to a law enforcement database, Domingo is the registered owner of three semi-automatic rifles. An FBI spokeswoman said (sic) received a less-than-honorable discharge from the Army.

The FBI operatives went so far as to scout the site of a “white nationalist” rally that never occurred. 

Domingo and two FBI informants visited the planned site of the rally to scout the best location to place explosives to cause the greatest casualties, authorities said, agreeing that they would leave the scene separately to throw off suspicion. He as arrested shortly after placing one of the mock bombs into the vehicle of an informant.

It can be argued Mr. Domingo was entrapped, but this will not be argued and  he will either be convicted of providing assistance to (psychological operation) terrorists and locked away for years or will plead guilty to a lesser charge. 


The point is not to grab dangerous terrorists, but hype fear of phantom evil-doers and push the bogus war on terror (which is a war on disfavored states and has nothing to do with saving democracy or protecting the American people). The state and its media have done an appreciable job of distracting us from Nazi-level crimes against the people of targeted states. 

The last two paragraphs of the Reuters propaganda piece leave the impression white nationalists and Islamic terrorists have teamed up or are somehow impossibly related:

The announcement of Domingo’s arrest came two days after a gunman opened fire in a San Diego-area synagogue, killing one woman and wounding three others, including the rabbi. John Earnest, 19, was arrested… There was no indication the two incidents were connected.

A supposed white nationalist and an inept and overly naive jihadist plotting to kill Jews together? This is precisely what the state is trying to do—conflate Islamic terrorists and corporate media described white nationalists exercising their right to demonstrate into a threat the government must address as part of an effort to fight against Russian efforts to destroy our beloved democracy (which is nothing of the sort).  

In other words, those who effectively challenge the state will be denounced as terrorists while the real terrorists—the clueless Trump, his neocon puppeteers, former presidents Bush and Obama, and the neoliberals pushing forever war from their think tanks an globalist organizations—not only get a pass for murder (in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan) but are hailed as elder statesmen and patriots. 

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3 thoughts on “FBI Stages Fake Terrorist Plot After San Diego Synagogue Shooting

  1. It is becoming much safer to simply assume that all “terrorist” attacks are staged events until further notice.

  2. Jun 4, 2015 Trevor Aaronson: How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists

    There’s an organization responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and ISIS combined: The FBI. How? Why?


    1. January 28, 2019 CIA Was Aiding Jihadists Before Soviets Invaded Afghanistan

      The CIA was arming the Afghan jihadists six months before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan has been proven by the State Department’s declassified documents and admitted by The Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon. The Washington Post has a history of working in close collaboration with the CIA as Bezos won a $600 million contract [2] in 2013 to host the CIA’s database on the Amazon’s web-hosting service.


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