Trump Neocons Put War Agenda on Fast Track

The neocons firmly in control of US foreign policy under Donald Trump are ready to make the next move as they wend their way toward all-out war with Iran. 

There will be no waivers for the importation of Iranian oil. Trump took to Twitter to make yet another one of his notorious and worthless promises.

No doubt the vile and reprehensible Saudis will celebrate not only the prospect of increased oil sales, but also the advancement of the US and Israel plan to target Iran, impose an oil embargo, and starve the Iranian people into action against the rule of the mullahs. 

In response, Iran announced if it is prevented from exporting oil, it will shut down the Strait of Hormuz, the busiest oil transport chokepoint in the world. 

In the first week of May, we will know one way or the other if the neocons will get their shooting war with Iran—and astronomical gas and oil prices and further economic disaster for a world economy teetering on the edge. 

Most Congress critters support economic warfare against Iran. Most will fall in line when the missile begin flying. The fact this attack in the name of Israel will violate the Constitution is not even an issue on the war party’s radar. 

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