Open Letter to President Trump on the Arrest of Julian Assange

Mr. President,

Your Deep State handlers have finally managed to have WikiLeaks publisher and editor Julian Assange dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London and arrested. He faces extradition to the United States where more than a few people in high places have called for his execution.

If your administration follows through on a promise to prosecute Assange, it will look bad for you. After all, you praised Assange during the presidential campaign after he leaked the DNC trove. More than any fictional Russian attempt to spin the US election, the DNC leak turned people against Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and may have helped you win the election.

It really doesn’t matter if you support Assange or not. It is obvious you are not in control of your administration—the so-called Deep State and the neocon rabble are fully in control. It seems the only thing you really control is your smartphone and Twitter feed. 

I believe you will go along with Assange’s persecutors as part of a futile attempt to take down the “lying media,” but only because they lie about you, not because they lie to the American people. 

Mr. President, it is obvious, and has been since the campaign, that your presidency is about you and your overinflated ego. It has nothing to do with public service and the American people. 

All presidents since Truman—with the possible exception of Kennedy, assassinated for deviating from the establishment script—have served the interests of the financial elite and its national security state, its intelligence agencies (most prominently the CIA), and associated industries, notably the military-industrial complex, the latter which you served as salesman of the month for while on a whirlwind sales tour last year. 

It’s important to note that when British cops hauled Assange out of the embassy, he held a book in his hand: Gore Vidal’s History of The National Security State. It is precisely these people who are responsible for the persecution of Assange. They need to send a message: if you reveal “national security secrets”—the murder of journalists, for instance—you will be hunted down, renditioned, tortured, locked in solitary confinement, prosecuted, and possibly executed (as a number of our “representatives” and their script-reading talking heads have demanded). 

It is obvious you will not fight the Deep State or drain the swamp. You can’t even keep insider and neocon operatives from infiltrating your administration. On the other hand, you have warmly embraced the racist apartheid state of Israel and its corrupt leader, Bibi Netanyahu, thus making it obvious you support totalitarian violence against innocents. The bombing raids you ordered in Syria and Iraq have killed thousands of civilians. 

For you, Mr. President, Assange was merely another stepping stone in your ego-driven quest to become the most important person (at least in popular imagination) in the “free world.” Like your supporters who naively believed your flaccid commitment to bring the troops home and put an end to “nation-building,” Assange faces betrayal. He is no longer of use to you. 

Assange will be extradited and charged as a “hacker,” and when convicted (a certainty) the sentence will be five and a half years max. Your Justice (just-us) Department knows it can’t get him on espionage, so they’ll go for a lesser charge, but one that sends the same message—reveal the truth about the United States and its crimes and face prosecution. 

I sincerely doubt, Mr. President, you care about the First Amendment and the freedom of the press. I don’t believe you are concerned about a development concurrent to the persecution of Assange—the effort to shut down alternative media. 

I say this because, over the last few months, you have complained about and promised a response to leaks within your administration. Your endless complaints and often antagonistic responses (primarily on Twitter) to admittedly unfair media coverage demonstrates an animosity toward the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

I urge you to pardon Julian Assange after the Deep State wolves make an example of him. I seriously doubt you will do this. You are apparently more comfortable with the likes of the psychopaths John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and the host of neocons and CFR operatives embedded in your administration, and not the American people. They need to know the truth about what the government does in their name. I don’t see this happening. And I don’t see your faithful MAGA supporters calling for it. 

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2 thoughts on “Open Letter to President Trump on the Arrest of Julian Assange

  1. Alex Jones must not have seen Trump’s “Good job for arresting Assange” tweet, yet this morning. Probably the most evil tweet I have ever read in my life…. There are many things that Alex Jones could have gone against Trump for, but this is checkmate time for Alex Jones’ support for Trump. Truly, we are ruled by clowns and this IS clown world. Sometimes in life – people and things – are too broken and too sick to fix.

  2. If and when Attorney General Barr follows through with his stated intent to investigate the false claims made to the FISA court to get warrants to investigate Trump, Assange could easily find himself being called as a witness for the prosecution. In fact, his arrest might be a direct result of the collapse of the Mueller investigation. With all the cockroaches at FBI about to be running from the light of the Barr investigation, Assange’s prosecution might become less important than many others. If anything, Assange is far more deserving of a Nobel prize than Obama.

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