Venezuela: Let Them Drink Sewage Water

Marco Rubio knows only the Venezuelan army and the country’s civilian militia (more than a million people) are the only thing that stand between it and a potential US invasion, either directly or by covert means (and those are failing despite a long-term blackout). 

For the neocon senator and failed presidential candidate, resisting the illegal overthrow of the country and its elected leader (whom Rubio declared should end up like Gadaffi in Libya) is the work of an “armed paramilitary gang.”

Meanwhile, the covert war has reduced the Venezuelan people to using sewage water. 

CNN, of course, doesn’t entertain the distinct possibility the on-going power outage is the work of saboteurs.

The government’s Telesur tweeted the following this afternoon:

The outage and the sudden decision to remove US embassy personnel from Caracas is an indication something serious is about to happen. 

Here is neocon former tank commander Mike Pompeo, now Trump’s secretary of state: 

creatdive commons by-sa_RGB-350x122

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