Bibi Netanyahu Admits Israel is an Apartheid State

In this short video posted by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the embattled leader Bibi Netanyahu admits his country is a racist apartheid state. 

“According to the Nation-State Law,” Bibi explained, “Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, and the alone.” 

The Israeli academic Uri Davis writes:

Israel was established as an apartheid State at core anchored in the crime-against-humanity of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. However, the founding leadership of the State were fully aware that projecting Israel in the world arena as “the only democracy in the Middle East” was not just a public relationship necessity but an existential necessity.

Towards that end considerable trouble was taken to cover the criminal apartheid core of settler-colonial Israel with a veil of false democratic procedure (as illustrated in the “equality” section of the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel,…). Remove the veil, and Israeli apartheid (not necessarily the “Jewish State” as defined in UN General Assembly Resolution 181(ii) of 1947) collapses not unlike the collapse of the now defunct South African apartheid.

Bibi’s admission, of course, will be ignored in the United States. 

As the harassment and vindicative behavior by Congress and the corporate media against newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar demonstrate, any criticism of Israel—even with Bibi’s admission Israel is a racist and Jewish supremacist state—is not only intolerable, it is considered “hate speech,” and therefore deserving a punitive response by the state in direct conflict with the founding principles of the United States Constitution and the First Amendment.

But then, America is no longer a constitutional republic. It is best described as a kakocracy—a state run by the least qualified (and I would add criminal opportunists)—and this explains in part the success of the Israeli PR campaign with its Holocaust centerpiece that cannot be challenged or questioned without serious consequence to person and property. 

“What is anti-Semitic is the cacophony of mainstream media and politicians saying that criticizing US policy toward the state of Israel is the same as attacking Jewish people,” writes Sarah Gertler, who is Jewish. “Pro-Israel lobbying groups’ considerable political influence has even pushed Congress to consider bills punishing Americans who support Palestinian rights. (Around half of all states already have such laws.)” 

Let’s call this what it is—a move by the state to criminalize criticism and debate of US foreign policy by conflating it with bigotry and hatred. It is a cover for continued ethnic cleansing and the persecution of people who are opposed to the shooting of civilians, medics, journalists and others, bombing schools, blockading Gaza, imprisoning children, and making life for Palestinians so dangerous and miserable they will emigrate. 

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