Make the War Pigs Great Again

The MAGA president has a budget plan. Cut domestic spending and shift more tax money over to the war pigs at the Pentagon. 

From Jeff Bezos’ propaganda machine, The Washington Post:

President Trump on Monday will propose major spending cuts across a range of domestic government programs while seeking a large increase for the Pentagon, a budget plan that’s already encountering withering opposition from Democrats who control the House, as well as some Republicans.

Reading this, you might think Democrats and a few “moderate” Republicans are responding to the demands of the people, nearly half of them on the dole in one form or another, not because they are shiftless deadbeats, but because the Federal Reserve and the bankster elite have destroyed the economy and corporations have shipped decent paying jobs overseas and robotized many at home. This has resulted in about a third of the US population falling or remaining in poverty while most of the rest live paycheck to paycheck. Only the “one precent” benefit from the windfall of a rigged economy. 

In 2015, candidate Trump promised to reinvigorate the economy and bring the troops home from long stays (occupations) in foreign lands and wind-down the outrageously expensive wars. Trump at the time was taking money and advice from Israel-firsters, most notoriously the Zionist casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson and the professional Islamophobe Frank Gaffney. 

In addition, he was taking foreign policy advice from Joseph E. Schmitz, a former Inspector General of the Department of Defense and a former executive with Blackwater Worldwide. Schmitz fled the Pentagon after he was accused of protecting top Bush officials accused of wrongdoing. 

Add the presence of Walid Phares, who is associated with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a neocon central organization that teamed up with the American Enterprise Institute and the Hudson Institute to propagandize the American people  into supporting the illegal invasion of Iraq and supporting a fallacious war on terror. Prior the 2016 election, I wrote about this process of neoconization in a small ebook, Donald Trump and the War on Islam. 

In other words, Trump was a neocon simpatico well before he was elected. However, it took seasoned establishment neocons such as John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, and Mike Pompeo to make the conversion complete. The Donald has his moments—publicly stating he will remove troops from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan—but on that point he is betrayed time after time by his handlers. 

MAGA is now shorthand for neocon. The MAGA theology is dedicated to war abroad—predicated on long-standing lies and falsifications—and austerity at home with an attendant police state apparatus to frighten and control the mob. Social programs are to be looted, the money handed over to the Pentagon so it might continue building a “new generation” of nuclear weapons, taunting nuke-armed Russia and China, engaging with myriad intelligence agencies (in collusion with the State Department and its subversive NGOs) to undermine elections and kickstart wars, and feeding an already obese Pentagon and its associated industries. 

The richest man in the world’s newspaper didn’t mention the real reason Democrats are upset with Trump. If social programs are slashed and billions of dollars diverted to the war pigs, bedrock Democrat voters will demand socialism, socialist candidates, and a centrally planned economy with plenty of debt dollars to feed and house the plebs. 

Democrats are also war pigs. They are just better at PR and presentation than chest-thumping neocons who cut to the chase. At the end of the day, the path both follow leads to the same destination: endless war in the name of an unsustainable and bankrupt empire.

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2 thoughts on “Make the War Pigs Great Again

  1. Look. It doesn’t take a degree in “rocket science” to figure out (((who))) exactly, sits BEHIND both political parties in American POLY-TRICKS.

    “The goal of socialism is (((communism))).” ~ Vladimir LENIN. (Actually, the goal is .001% Western (“Anglo”-JUDAIC) “elite” (((FASCISM))): AKA, “Jew” World Order!

    NOTE: THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO (1848 AD) was written by (((Rothschild)))-cousin, (((Karl Marx))) whose mentor was (((ZION-ist))) Moses Hess whom Karl Marx called “my communist rabbi”.(((ZION-ist)))(((Rothschild)))-agent ON WALL STREET!, (((Jacob Schiff))) FINANCED (((communist))) (((Lev Bron-stein))) (aka “Leon Trotsky”) & the so-called “Russian” “Revolution” to the tune of $20 MILLION (USD) in 1917. AL GORE’S daughter married the great-grandson of (((Jacob Schiff))) ~ the very SAME (((Jacob Schiff))) noted (above). Now THAT is an ACTUAL VERY INCONVENIENT TRUTH! According to Nobel Laureate, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, some 66 MILLION, mainly White, Orthodox CHRISTIAN Russians were SLAUGHTERED, by the (((Communist))) government of Russia between 1917 and 1953.

    In 1917, (((Paul Warburg))), and (((Jacob Schiff))), both (((Rothschild)))-agents, on Wall St.!, handed (((Lev Bronstein))) (aka Leon Trotsky) $20 Million (USD) in gold, when (((Bronstein/Trotsky))) boarded a ship, in New York Harbor!, bound for Russia, and the Rothschild-financed overthrow (really massacre) of the 300-year-old (1613-1917) ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN Romanov Family Dynasty. Meanwhile, in Germany, (((Max Warburg))) (Paul’s brother) handed (1/4 “Jew”) Lenin $6 Million (USD), and provided Lenin safe passage, from Switzerland through Germany by train, on his way to Sweden & Finland, before arriving in Russia. “Out of 388 members of the new Russian government, only 16 happened to be Russians. One was an American Black. And all the rest, all the rest, 371, were Jews. Of these 371 Jewish Bolshevik leaders, no less than 265 of them were from the Lower East Side of New York City [Manhattan]. So you see, the Russian Revolution wasn’t Russian at all.”

    Source: “All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us”,_kevin/kevin_strom_works/Kevin_Strom_1991-1994/Kevin_A._Strom_19930814-ADV_All_America_Must_Know_the_Terror_That_Is_Upon_Us.html

    AOC, (((Bernie Sanders))), HITLAR-Y Clinton, AL GORE, Joe Biden, FAUX-CAHONTAS ~ THEY ALL KNOW from (((whom))) they receive their paychecks! (SAME is true, by the way, for the Republican ZIO-con RINO’s!, like Trump!)

    “If my sons didn’t want wars, there would be none.” ~ Gutle Schnaper Rothschild


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