Netanyahu: I’ll Sink Iran’s Oil Tankers

The Israeli Prime Minister has threatened to attack Iranian oil shipments in violation of a US imposed embargo designed to starve the nation into submission. 

“Iran is trying to bypass the sanctions on it through the covert smuggling of petroleum via the sea. As these attempts expand, the navy will have a more important role in efforts to block these Iranian actions,” Bibi Netanyahu declared during a graduation ceremony for Israeli Navy cadets at a naval base in Haifa. “I call on the international community to halt, by any means, Iran’s attempts to bypass the sanctions via the sea.” 

In other words, Israel will confront and possibly sink Iranian oil tankers, never mind the ensuring environmental disaster. The Zionist state has a puny navy hardly capable of pulling off this threat and that’s why Netanyahu called for participation on the part of the “international community,” that is to say the military heft of the US Navy. 

Israel knows Iran has a far superior navy to its own. Iran has nearly 400 naval assets, while Israel has a scant 65. Iran has promised to use its navy to protect oil exports. If it responds in self-defense and counterattacks Israeli warships, that will bring the US in pronto. 

If this happens, the corporate government script reading propaganda media will dish up scary stories about Iran, its imaginary nukes, its self-defense missiles, and the bogus assertion it is engaged in international terrorism, once again tricking the American people into supporting military intervention and the mass murder of innocent civilians. 

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