Democrats and Republicans Move to Silence Rep. Omar’s Criticism of Israel

It looks like the embattled representative from Minnesota will end up like Cynthia McKinney, who was thrown out of Congress for the sin of criticizing the official narrative on 9/11.

She is also a fierce critic of Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians (she sailed with activists on the Gaza-bound ships Dignity and Spirit of Humanity). McKinney deviated from the official narrative on Libya and she introduced articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush for committing war crimes and violating the Constitution. 

Rep. Ilhan Omar was sworn in a little over a month ago and in that time fellow members of Congress and the corporate propaganda media have attacked her for “antisemitism,” that is to say criticism of the apartheid state of Israel, which is a cardinal sin for members of Congress and, for that matter, anybody else. 

Both establishment Democrats and Republicans are taking turns bashing her, but the Republicans went further than simply denouncing her with strident soundbites. They have conflated her with the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. 

Meanwhile, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee demanded she apologize for a remark stating there are dual citizens in America doing the work of Israel. 

During the Bush regime, there were a number neocons holding dual US-Israel citizenship and they plotted a war that undeniably benefited Israel. These folks include Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, “Scooter” Libby, and others. 

Back in 2004, two years into the neocon war waged on Iraq, Bill and Kathleen Christison, both former CIA employees, wrote: 

The link between active promoters of Israeli interests and policymaking circles is stronger by several orders of magnitude in the Bush administration, which is peppered with people who have long records of activism on behalf of Israel in the United States, of policy advocacy in Israel, and of promoting an agenda for Israel often at odds with existing U.S. policy. These people, who can fairly be called Israeli loyalists, are now at all levels of government, from desk officers at the Defense Department to the deputy secretary level at both State and Defense, as well as on the National Security Council staff and in the vice president’s office.

“I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country,” Omar said during a town hall Wednesday. 

Fair enough question, right? Wrong. 

“Representative Omar’s comments leveled that charge by invoking a vile anti-Semitic slur,” complained New York Rep. Eliot Engel. 

Others see the over-the-top efforts to defame Omar and remove her from Congress as endangering her safety. 

Just about every member of Congress is demanding she be shown the door. Here’s Sarah Palin, the fifteen minutes of fame darling of the Republican Party, desperately trying to remain relevant:

Finally, Ilhan Omar made a mistake when she said the reason she is being attacked is because she’s a Muslim, which is merely a bonus for her accusers. The fact is anybody who criticizes Israel—regardless of race, gender, or religion—will be targeted.

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7 thoughts on “Democrats and Republicans Move to Silence Rep. Omar’s Criticism of Israel

  1. The issue is, can Americans trust these people to always act in the best interest of the USA.
    Given the record of the Palestinian Jews it is impossible to tell the difference between the German Government of 1933/45 and the Jews occupying Palestine.

  2. we need an anti zionism czar with full police powers.
    AIPAC is an enemy of the American citizens.

  3. Wish our politicians cared about the U.S., because they are paid by us and at least we don’t blackmail them.

  4. For anyone out there ACTUALLY interested in the TRUTH about the BIGGEST LIE in human history:

    1) SO-CALLED “Jews” ARE actually SEMITIC, as in 10% of BERBER-ARAB (dna) descent (out of N. Africa), and 90% of SLAVO-TURKIC (dna) descent (out of Eastern Europe, and ancient Khazaria). In addition, the OVERWHELMINGLY VAST MAJORITY (well over 90%!) of SO-CALLED “Jews” are (dna) descendants of ~ CONVERTS! ~ TO JUDAISM, no matter how long ago. (Source: Tel Aviv University professor, Paul Wexler.)

    2) Also, the OVER-WHELMING-LY VAST MAJORITY (well over 90%!) of SO-CALLED “Jews” have practically no direct (dna) connection to the ancient JUDAEANS, HEBREWS or ISRAELITES! The ISRAELITES were the Hyksos Shepherd-Kings (Royals) around Pharaoh Akhenaton. Akhenaton’s brother was the Biblical (Old Testament) MOSES! Hiber (or Heber) was an Egyptian Hyksos-Royal: Both Spain (the Spanish Peninsula) AND Ireland are named after him (IBERIA, and HIBERNIA, respectively). Scota, the sister of Tutankhamen, is where the name SCOTLAND is derived. These ISRAELITES lived around 1570 BC, the time of the Old Testament EXODUS (approx. 3,600 years ago!). The JUDAEANS were those who lived 2,000 years ago! in JUDEA, around the time of King Izas of Edessa (or Jesus of Gamala ~ same guy). (Read the extremely well- and thoroughly-documented historical investigative work of historian and author, Ralph Ellis.) Most people today, can only trace their ancestry back about 200-300 or at most, 400 years.

    The next biggest lie in human history, is the HOLOHOAX. (Read THE HOLOCAUST HOAX EXPOSED: DEBUNKING THE 20TH CENTURY’S BIGGEST LIE, by Victor Thorn. THIS BOOK TOTALLY ~ DEMOLISHES ~ EVERY LIE OF THE SO-CALLED “Holocaust”. It is available for a mere $20.00 on The Barnes Review (TBR) website, as well as on Texe Marrs’ (Power of Prophecy) website.

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