Venezuela: What If the Neocons Started a War and Nobody Came? 

If the US has a plan to militarily intervene in Venezuela, it now look like it will go it alone.

The Lima Group of nations on Monday said it will not support a military response to Maduro and the Venezuelan government. 

From McClatchy:

The Lima Group of nations on Monday said it would take Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro to the International Criminal Court and that it was more resolved than ever to see a democratic transition in the country. But the influential bloc of countries stopped short of imposing new sanctions or taking other steps [i.e., bombing the hell of the the country] that might rattle the regime in Caracas after weeks of unrest.

But it wasn’t merely the Lima Group. Both Brazil, which shares a border with Venezuela, and the EU have rejected military intervention. Mexico’s new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said his country’s constitution forbids interference in other countries. 

“What is quite clear is that we need a peaceful political, democratic and Venezuelan-owned resolution of this crisis,” a European Commission spokeswoman told reporters in Brussels. “This obviously excludes the use of force.”

So, if the US wants to bomb Caracas, it will have to do it alone with aircraft carriers parked north of the country in the Caribbean. 

Trump put “all options” on the table in regard to North Korea’s nukes and that turned out to be what is now typical blustering and guff by a clueless, neocon-driven president. 

His neocon advisers and handlers and room temperature IQ clowns like Marco Rubio will have to come up with a “solution” to a country that is not a threat to the United States, unless you consider the inability of transnational oil giants to grab Venezuela’s massive reserves a threat. 

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2 thoughts on “Venezuela: What If the Neocons Started a War and Nobody Came? 

  1. Cogent, per usual, Kurt.

    The dizzying hypocrisy is really too much in these days of decline.

    To think that we’re really just getting started in ernest.

    A wild ride dead-ahead for us all.

  2. What if the neocons started a war and others jumped in and it escalated into a nuclear exchange that killed 6+ billion people?

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