Reparations, Selective Marginalization, and Free Stuff

It looks like reparations will be a thing with leftwing Democrats. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are in favor of this proposed redistribution  of wealth.

From The Hill:

Supporters have said the policy is necessary to address slavery and other racist parts of U.S. history. Such a move could cost several trillion dollars, according to experts.

I have my own argument for reparations, not that I especially give two fiddlesticks about what happened to my distant relatives. 

For centuries, the British mistreated my ancestors in Scotland, and that prejudice still exists today in the UK. It’s common for Brits to make derogatory remarks when they hear a Scottish accent. It is called Scotophobia or Calephobia, fear and hatred of the Scots. 

Claudius Ptolemy set the stage in 100 AD by perpetuating Scottish stereotypes formed during Roman occupation. The English Church and royal writs in the 14th century portrayed the Scots as blood drinking cannibals. Anti-Scot sentiment was pushed by William Camden, Edward Gibbon, and the playwright Shakespeare. 

Between 1750 and 1860, a large number of Scots were ethnically cleansed from the Highlands, but this subject has been ignored by historians.

Scots are physically attacked in England. As late as 2013, the BBC was cranking out negative portrayals of the Scottish people. Centuries of abuse resulted in the “Scottish cringe,” a widespread feeling by Scots of cultural inferiority in relation to anglocentric British culture. 

Scots should follow the example set by Warren and Harris. They should demand reparations from England. Maybe Brits who abuse Scots and their culture should be arrested and charged with hate crimes. 

But this wouldn’t benefit Democrats in America. They’re not interested in justice for the “victims,” they’re interested in luring voters with the prospect of free stuff and goodies ripped off from people who had nothing to do with slavery. This logic also works by encouraging Mexicans and campesinos from Central America to illegally cross the border and allowing them to collect welfare and win the “right” to vote (for Democrats). 

Of course, the centuries-long mistreatment of the Scots has nothing to do with me. I wasn’t alive when British soldiers ethnically cleansed my distant ancestors from the land where they were born and I don’t suffer discrimination for the happenstance of my genetics. 

In the Bizarro world of intersectionality and social justice, however, I was born racist simply due to the color of my skin.

I am “privileged,” same as the poverty-stricken white people in Appalachia or Arkansas, and this allows me, even though I don’t know it, to discriminate against “marginalized communities,” transexuals, “gays,” blacks, native Americans, etc. I’m an unconscious oppressor, according to vote seeking collectivist Democrats, and now it is time for me to pay. 

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2 thoughts on “Reparations, Selective Marginalization, and Free Stuff

  1. “Leftwing Democrats”?! Are you fucking joking? There are no “leftwing Democrats”. The Democratic party is a RIGHT WING party, and obviously so. Pro-war, pro-corporatism, pro-imperialism, anti-Medicare-for-all, and on and on.

    “free stuff and goodies ripped off from people who had nothing to do with slavery”. Give me a fucking break from the right-wing, Republican-esque talking points. That’s Faux News bullshit, Kurt, and you should know it. The “free stuff and goodies” are being ripped off — and have been ripped off, for generations — from the people by billionaires, the military-industrial-security complex, the political class, and so on, and you should know it. A trivial reparations initiative is NOTHING compared to the massive transgenerational ripoffs that have happened and are happening. You should know this, Kurt. On some level, you DO know this. It is shameful that you would be spouting reactionary right-wing populist bullshit talking-points.

    “In the Bizarro world of intersectionality and social justice, however, I was born racist simply due to the color of my skin.” No, Kurt, you were not “born racist”, and NO ONE says you were. Stop with the bullshit right-wing whining, for God’s sake. I am no fan of identity politics and its acolytes (I’ve repeatedly and savagely attacked them, actually), but let’s be reasonable. Your right-wing bro-flake whining is pathetic.

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