Trump’s Wayback Machine: It’s 1960 and Cuba’s in the Crosshairs

Following the advice of his neocon masters, President Trump has decided to cook up a new round of misery for the long-suffering folks of Cuba, forever cursed for the crime of throwing out a brutal US puppet (Fulgencio Batista) and replacing him with a communist (Fidel Castro, who incidentally was not a communist until after the Cuban Revolution). 

Tump has switched on his wayback machine and set the dial to 1959. He wants to give US citizens the ability to sue the Cuban government and “foreign companies that allegedly profit from… nationalized properties,” writes Marjorie Cohn for Truthout. 

In accordance with international law, the Cuban government had offered compensation to U.S. nationals for the taking of their property… If Trump permits myriad new lawsuits to proceed, it would unleash a tsunami of litigation that would harm U.S. companies and punish the Cuban people even more.”

The new embargo proposed by Trump—to be rolled out on March 2—will be “one that would be very difficult to dismantle in the future.”

So here we are, back in the past, sans the long ago promised “peace dividend” following the fall of the Soviet Union and the supposed end of the Cold War. During the late 1950s and all through the 1960s, the US tried repeatedly to discredit and depose Castro. Both Eisenhower and Kennedy signed off on covert subversion campaigns and all of them failed. The CIA was unable to touch Fidel Castro. 

The new cast of characters itching to overthrow and possibly give Raúl Castro and his confederates the Gaddafi treatment includes an assortment of neocons, their fellow travelers, and the humanitarian interventionists. They have apparently cast a spell on a shoe-gaze president who has but one obsession—himself. 

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