Michael Moore and the Children of the Radical Left

The darling of the Left, filmmaker Michael Moore, says you can’t be “moderate.” If you want change, you will have to become a radical Marxist.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks rejected compromise and moderation, too. They killed or sent dissidents to the gulag and mental hospitals. Is this what Mike has in mind? 

“If you’re moderate, stop being moderate. Take a position, there’s no middle ground any more,” he said. “There’s no halfway there. You’re either for it or you’re against it.”

Moore wants Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to run for president, never mind she can’t according to the Constitution, she’s too young and inexperienced.

Not an issue for Moore.  “She is the leader. She’s the leader,” Moore said. “Everyone knows it, everyone feels it, she’s the leader of this mass movement.”

He said the minimum age for president should be lowered, maybe to sixteen. Moore believes 16-year old kids should be allowed to vote. 

Why would you allow kids to vote? Because they can be talked into just about anything, including driving blindfolded and eating laundry detergent as a “challenge.” 

Mike knows socialism is popular with the younger set. These kids—and no shortage of adults—believe it’s OK to confiscate wealth from the producers and divvy it up among the non-producers, a massive act of theft they consider “equality.” 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—if Moore and the socialists manage fill Congress and the White House with a cadre of radical Marxists and social justice warriors, the US will make the Venezuelan economic crisis look like a walk in the park. 

4 thoughts on “Michael Moore and the Children of the Radical Left

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  3. It has been alleged that former CIA director William Casey remarked that “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”…… Whether or not he said it, such a time did come to pass long ago. The false reality that has been created by the (group of people, we’re not allowed to criticize) …… from Hollywood and their media outlets who are owned by (group of people, we’re not allowed to criticize)…….whom control 90% of the media consumed the vast majority of Americans. “They” control the narrative on both sides of any issue. Even if some new grass-roots movement emerges, “they” WILL wrest control of it and co-opt the narrative until it no longer resembles it’s original intent.

    Michael Moore, who is one of “them”, represents the leftist-Marxist, Neo-Bolshevik, communist side of the controlled opposition narrative. While demonizing former high-ranking KGB operative Vladimir Putin, “they” also promote the very Neo-Bolshevik narrative that Putin has promoted increasingly throughout his 18 year dictatorship. Some may argue that Putin is some savior fighting the ‘New World Order’. That is completely ridiculous.

    Benjamin Netanyahu represents the other side. The Neo-Zionist or Neo-Con side of the narrative. Israel and “Russia” are both Soviet states. Israel was created as a Soviet client state and virtually all of it’s Prime Ministers have been Polish, Ukrainian or Soviet-Russian era Bolsheviks. In 1923 after a trip to Moscow, David Ben Gurion proclaimed, “I am a Bolshevik”.

    So whether it’s “MAGA” or “Democratic-Socialism”, it is controlled opposition.

    America is controlled by “them” and have been since the days of Woodrow Wilson and Franklyn Rosenfeld (Roosevelt in Dutch)…..The modern incarnation of “them” are homicidal, genocidal, maniacal Talmudic (group of people, we’re not allowed to criticize). And anyone who challenges “them” or their narrative get’s excoriated…. or worse.

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
    Credited to Voltaire ….. Whether or not he said it, it IS true.
    Quote Attributed to Voltaire ……. whether he said it or not, it IS true.

  4. “The darling of the Left, filmmaker Michael Moore, says you can’t be “moderate.” If you want change, you will have to become a radical Marxist.”

    Darling of the left?! Michael Moore?! Are you fucking joking, Kurt? Moore is not a leftist, for God’s sake. Did you take Political Science 101? Moore is a LIBERAL, a social democrat. LEFTISTS HATE LIBERALS. Liberals want to put band-aids over capitalism’s wounds. Leftists want to overthrow capitalism. Get it? Political Science 101. Read a book.

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