Next Phase: All Out War by French State on Yellow Vests

The French government, led by the former investment banker Emmanuel Macron, is desperately trying to discredit the Yellow Vest movement. The violence and looting headlined by the propaganda media—much of it by Black Bloc-styled “anarchists” that now routinely act as provocateurs for the state—is being used to make protests illegal, thus allowing the police to use extraordinary measures to shut down the movement. 

The ruling elite are petrified of this movement, especially after it threatened a run on the banks in France. In response, the state is moving to outlaw protest and violently crackdown on any effort to publicly display solidarity with the movement.

This requires the usual tricks, deceptions, and psychological operations. In addition to linking protesters and activists to “extreme” political groups on either side of the artificial political divide, the French state now says the Yellow Vests are endangering French national security by hacking its cybersecurity agency. 

In Canada, the government and Facebook are working together to put a damper on the movement spreading. 

In the UK, the police have arrested James Goddard, said to be the leader of a Yellow Vests spin-off in London. Notice that protests in support of the effort to follow through on Brexit and rejection of the EU  are “abusive” according to the British propaganda conduit, The Independent (which isn’t). 

Police in France have increased the use of violence. The use of “flashballs” against nonviolent protesters and journalists, of course, is not being reported by the propaganda media. 

An uptick in police violence will not stop this movement. It is a reaction to neoliberalism, the dominance of a predatory financial class, and austerity measures. 

As the movement grows and spreads, the full force of the police state will be unleashed. A former education minister, Luc Ferry, has called for the use of live ammunition against protesters. 

If the current measures fail—police violence, water cannons, propaganda portraying protesters as anti-semites, etc.—the French state will go to the next level: martial law and all-out war against the French people. 

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2 thoughts on “Next Phase: All Out War by French State on Yellow Vests

  1. Ah, allow me before the trolling begins.
    Sry Kurt it looks like your on 2nd tier paid trolling—they hafta hit the higher up bloggers first! Wish Soros would pay me too! Now about the article:

    O Canada! Have thou yellow vests in thoust cars hitherto? I forgot to check last time there—I only rent vehicles that are affordable & the RCMP has finally dropped it’s grudge over that HW Bush protest matter.

    Will France break down into full scale Martial law? I think not. I Like to Think Not. I don’t know I’m not on the ground & know none who are there.

    The UK is somewhere, well I can read & I know when I’m insulted at least. My less than cheeky British sympatico bros. there seem quite excited. They seem to think this is gonna force out the actual bastards who conned them [the others who voted 50.x%] out of the EU. The Fact that Brit media, even Rupert’s ragazines are panting for law&order Francais d’jour have the eyebrows raised of those of age before 2000. Gray hair in high towers be upset now. Mind that water cannon!

    Stateside we’re focused on some silly wall that only costs $5.6 no $5.8 let’s just pass it for $6 billion & make Cher the witch happy! But we hafta wait for our media darlings to lament the undue hardships of government employees “furloughed” by the CoC infant reality 🌟 *. Or could we make it into “the kid’s not Allowed to Eat Oreo Cakesters?” (Cher, remember when you were a kid—I know your lifestyle left you too busy to raise any).

    Seriously, the CoC does have “the button” that could make us uncomfortable with China since he’s the Manchurian-Moscow style President. (aka Putin’s poodle by none other than the French media).

    That Canada’s putting it’s foot down preemptively does suggest some sort of established New World Order. Time to bring back occupy. Yeah, OWS remember that kids?

    Dang! Here I am acting like a troll. Will someone pay a “lefty?”

    Enough digressing& idiomatic idiocy for one night here I hope!
    Peace out!
    Or not,

  2. Jan 9, 2019 Yellow Vest BANK RUN Protest – They’re Going For The ROTHSCHILD’S, This Could Be HUGE!!!

    The one thing the government and banksters fear the most is an informed population who understand economics and who see through their system of fractional reserve lending.–eTfcr2c4

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