Hurrah for Midterm Gridlock!

Thankfully, the “most important election in recent memory” is over and the results have turned out as expected.

Democrats now control the House. Republicans picked up a couple seats in the Senate. Trump’s agenda will tread water. He will spend most of his time fending off Democrat attacks. Empty-headed ideological turf battles between the two sides of the one-sided political system will continue. Gridlock will be the state of the nation.

Gridlock is the only positive thing to come out of this midterm election. It means the state will have a more difficult time carving up our liberties and imposing a batch of new nanny state laws. Democrats in the House will send legislation to the Senate where it will be nixed by Republicans or sent back hash marked. Bitter intramural squabbles and theatrical pugilism will be the order of the day. Legislation interruptus is the preferable outcome.

But there is one thing the party with two heads and one cyclopic eye have in common—war never-ending. 

Both Democrats and Republicans love war. It’s a yuge profit point for sociopaths and full-blown psychopaths in the death merchant industry and their playmates on Wall Street and in the Too Big to Fail international banks. The bribery coffers of the political class runneth over.

Excluding exceptions such as Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul, Congress is almost entirely in support of war never-ending. Trump the election campaign noninterventionist has threatened Iran, China, and Russia with sanctions—polite-speak for informal declarations of war—and all three are now preparing for what will be the final conflict.

This aspect—both “parties” supporting aggression and undeclared and illegal wars—make the results of the 2018 midterm election irrelevant. Rainbow intersectionality will be less than insignificant after the thermo-nukes leave their assorted bays and silos. 

But never mind few are talking about this. The American people are sufficiently brainwashed by years of incessant propaganda—and the nonstop accretion of social programming through “entertainment” media—and although they are disturbed by the slow-motion disappearing act of the middle class and the unaffordable care act, they continue to buy into the designated enemy farce, as demonstrated by the willingness to believe Vlad the Destroyer in Moscow will eviscerate “democracy,” which is nothing of the sort. 

We are now reaching the boiling point, both socially and economically. After the shiny asset bubbles turn fully toxic and implode, the political class will steer a teetering and unhinged nation into a final war nobody wants—except of course the hubristic sociopaths who tell us every couple years they have our best interests at heart as they kiss babies and perform the customary photo-ops and town halls. 

I’m told if I truly want out of this madhouse of distorted mirrors we absurdly call representative democracy, I will need leave the country and find comfort abroad. 

But even if I could afford to uproot my family and head to foreign destination, this would not protect us from a nuclear winter following an atomic firestorm. 

I sincerely worry about this, even if my neighbors do not. Maybe this can be avoided, although probably not. The only way this insanity will be prevented is by an uprising of the people—unlikely considering the degree of brainwashing, indoctrination, and apathy—or by a foreign army invading and occupying the country, which is improbable considering the size of the United States. 

For now, we’re stuck with the status quo—rule by a corporatist fascist elite (real fascists, not the pretend kind imagined by Antifa) that is working its way toward the endgame—a one world government and currency. 

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6 thoughts on “Hurrah for Midterm Gridlock!

  1. Beware of Tulsi Gabbard, liberal career politician and member of the Rockefeller CFR along with the Clintons and George Soros. She was vice-chair of the DNC until 2016, serving with DNC chairman and fellow CFR member Debbie Wasserman. She is regularly featured on the CFR-connected media outlets, and it appears that she is being positioned for higher office.

  2. A lot of people voted. In doing so, they have approved of and demanded a system of violence upon everyone, one that steals to fund everything it does, that does everything with an ultimate threat of a gun/aircraft carrier, and with a claim legitimacy based on popular opinions and magic ceremonies.

    ( The USA gang isn’t the only gang. There are many. )

    The biggest danger/issue on Earth is statism. Core to that are voters and a belief that magic ceremonies and funny clothes gives humans super powers. They number in the billions.

    This means you have to either convince them not to vote, to instead organize a system that is virtually anything else, as long as it’s voluntary and nonviolent, …or kill them all for the threat they pose to everyone.

    The former is the obvious choice. Who really wants to kill almost everyone? But there are at least two major obstacles in that option;

    1 – People are stupid.
    2 – People are selfish.

    You cannot fix either, but you can minimize instead maximizing it. But that generally requires being correctly programmed from birth. You cannot teach an old brainwashed stupid selfish human new sociopolitical/ideological tricks. You just have to kill them all and start over with a new generation of humans. Premise their political/social education on the value of life, which graduates to the value of rights and respecting them with an eventual understanding of and appreciation for freedom and liberty.

    Kill all of their great great great great great … … grandchildren when they screw it up again in a few thousand years. Repeat until they get it right. If they fail more than what is a reasonable expectation for an evolutionary path of a comparable species, exterminate them thoroughly and permanently.

  3. I feel like I’m on the slowly sinking Titanic with a lack of life-boats.

    Larry McDonald explains why Congress needs to stop passing laws….

    1. One law is too many. All laws are coerced with an ultimate threat of force. That’s wrong, unethical, violence. One single law is still a violation of rights, BECAUSE it is a law.

      Pay X% of YOUR earnings, ..or else have more money extorted, be abducted and caged, assaulted, your property stolen and sold or destroyed, or even be murdered. Do this and that and all of these other things, …or else have more money extorted, be abducted and caged, assaulted, your property stolen and sold or destroyed, or even be murdered.

      Now remove that use of force. What happens? ..It has to ask. It turns into a service.

      – Can we have money?
      – What for?
      – A new freeway.
      – That’s a great idea. We really do need a freeway. I think I will donate. Now that I’m not forced to pay taxes on everything, I can spare a few dollars.

      …compared to…

      – Can we have money?
      – For what?
      – To drop a few hundred thousand tons of bombs on a bunch of innocent women and children on the other side of the planet minding their own business.
      – No.
      – Please.
      – No, that’s evil.
      – Pretty Please!
      – No, that’s evil.

      – Can we have money?
      – For what?
      – To pay people to dress up in super hero costumes and carry weapons, hunt you and boss you around and make you do this huge list of things we say you should do and be.
      – No.
      – Please.
      – No, that not only evil, that’s stupid. I can manage my own self and life, thank you.
      – But we really need to protect you from a bunch of made up bullshit.
      – No. Fuck off.

  4. ” For now, we’re stuck with the status quo—rule by a corporatist fascist elite (real fascists, not the pretend kind imagined by Antifa) that is working its way toward the endgame—a one world government and currency. ”

    Globalism is happening. It is simply the eventual natural course of our evolutionary path. The more we populate our planet, the more interdependent and technologically advanced we become, the more we globalize. Globalism isn’t a bad thing. Global GOVERNMENT is a very bad thing because it’s based in forced edicts. It’s not about scale. It’s about the use of force, and the monopoly on the initiation of force, to impose edicts of law.

    We’re not really stuck though. People insist on being stuck by indulging in serfdom. If the masses would do nothing on election day, simply sit home and do nothing instead of vote, it will disable government’s claim to legitimacy. That’s where it starts. …followed by zealous rejection and refusal to cooperate with government of any kind, as well as alternative means of organizing communities everywhere.

    People are stupid though. They repeatedly demand slavery, violence for everyone. This is why at least a few billion humans need to be slaughtered.

  5. A or B?

    A – You give me whatever percentage of your paycheck and whatever percentage of everything you buy/sale/do/own that I say. In return, I’ll perform a magic ceremony and then dictate every single aspect of your existence. If you decline to cooperate, I’ll take your money or property, abduct you and throw you in a cage, maybe beat you up, electrocute you, murder you and maybe destroy your home and kill your family and pets too.

    B – You mind your own business and live your life as you choose according to your values and principles, to do whatever it is that makes you happy, whatever it is that you choose to best spend your time/life on Earth. I will also mind my own business and live life as I choose according to my values and principles to do whatever it is that makes me happy, whatever I choose is the best way to spend my time/life here on Earth. If you need me for something, I’ll be more than happy to trade freely or peacefully resolve whatever issues that may arise, whatever gets us through as a community. If you need assistance with something, I’ll do what I can.

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