Trump Haters Shoot Up GOP HQ in Florida

Fortunately, this incident in Daytona, Florida didn’t kill or injury anyone, but it very well could have. 

This is political expression in America now—shooting live rounds into the office of the opposition, no doubt with murderous intent. 

Fox and local media are reporting this incident. It is being so far ignored by CNN, MSNBC, and the other “liberal” or “progressive” media.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, I wrote that we can expect to see not only violent demonstrations, but murder and terrorism, which I compared to the violence that wracked the Weimar Republic after the First World War, the Russian revolution, and the failed communist revolution in Germany. This violence was largely the result of a severe economic depression, exacerbated by reparations imposed on Germany after the war. This economic peril—imposed by France, Britain, the US, and international bankers—is directly responsible for the rise of the Nazis. 

In addition to pitched street battles between communists and fascists, this political discord resulted in the assassination of Walther Rathenau, the Weimar foreign minister. 

Is it possible we will see something similar here in America? 

I believe we are witnessing a similar situation now. The US economy is unhealthy—never mind the blue-sky pronouncements of Trump—and political violence is on the rise. A radicalized Democrat almost killed Rep. Steve Scalise last year. The apparently preferred Democrat vanguard Antifa engages in street violence along with assorted nationalist groups like the Proud Boys. 

I say Antifa is the Democrat vanguard because Democrats have not denounced its violence and have benefited politically from the response by equally violent opponents, the latter condemned as racists by the corporate propaganda media and investigated by the Justice Department. 

This behavior will continue, even if Democrats take the House next week. In fact, I believe it will intensify even if Trump is impeached. Democrats and no shortage of Republicans want to bring back the status quo and preserve the swamp. This means the so-called nationalists (routinely misdescribed as white supremacists) and others on the right will be targeted with violence and also legislative action by a possibly Democrat-dominated Congress. 

Radical leftists should be forewarned, however. The state is not your friend. It is using you to accomplish its endgame—total domination. The financial elite have no affinity for identity politics, realizing its absurdity. It is merely another tool to accomplish its objectives. After political and social domination is realized, these groups—or those not controlled by the puppet masters and their foundations—will be taken down as well. 

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5 thoughts on “Trump Haters Shoot Up GOP HQ in Florida

  1. Maxine Waters bares some responsibility with her call for violence.

    Jun 26, 2018 Maxine Waters triples down on call to harass Trump officials

    Republican strategist Ford O’ Connell and Democratic strategist Kelly Grace Gibson on how Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is tripling down on her call for people to harass President Trump’s administration.

    1. “Maxine Waters bares some responsibility with her call for violence.”

      1- The call for violence is EVERYWHERE. Violence is normalcy, an integral element of your whole system of organization, from local to global. Look at how many people vote for governments. THAT is a call to violence. Everything government does is with stolen/extorted money and with an ultimate threat of death/destruction. Theft, slavery, murder, destruction are abuses, violence. It’s wrong, systematic evil.

      2- Humans are individuals with free will. Unless you’re in a position of control over someone, you cannot make them do anything, and are thus not responsible for their actions.


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