Cesar Sayoc’s CIA Connection

A post at Investment Watch reveals the non-bomber Cesar Sayoc boasted of his connection to a particularly loathsome CIA agent, Enrique Prado. 

“Sayoc’s social media accounts have now been expunged from the net. But early yesterday morning, an enterprising netizen managed to take a screenshot of Sayoc’s 2016 post,” writes Dr. Eowyn.


Prado worked with Cofer Black, a former high level CIA official who became the vice chairman of Blackwater USA. According to Evan Wright, Prado oversaw the CIA’s assassination program and continued the effort when he followed Black to the notorious murder-for-hire group. Prado also worked with the thuggish Contras, known for executing school teachers in Nicaragua. 

After leaving Blackwater, Black formed his own company, The Black Group, an effort to mainstream and corporatize CIA operations. Black’s group merged with Total Intelligence Solutions, LLC. Prado is the CCO (either Chief Channel Officer or Chief Commercial Officer) of Total Intelligence Solutions.

It’s not clear how friendly Sayoc was with Prado. 

Needless to say, this is revelation is highly suspicious. The above screenshot of the post commending Prado may coincide with Sayoc’s personality change. 

It is an established fact the CIA attempted to create a “Manchurian candidate” assassin with its MKUltra program. In 2010, it was reported military veterans claimed a secret program run by the CIA, military intelligence, and university scientists attempted to implant remote control devices in their brains to create assassins. According to Dr. Colin A. Ross, the president and founder of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma, this program did indeed exist and began its experiments on animals at the  Army’s Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland between 1950 and 1975. 

I don’t know if Sayoc is a remote-controlled patsy. However, I believe the “bombs” hand-delivered to CNN and Democrats are part of a wider effort to discredit President Trump and portray his supporters as crazed right-wing terrorists. 

It is well-known Trump has enemies at the CIA, most notably former director John Brennan, who had his security clearance yanked by the president. 

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4 thoughts on “Cesar Sayoc’s CIA Connection

  1. I am not surprised. I was just saying the other day how it looks like their work: https://kurtnimmo.blog/2018/10/24/dubious-cnn-bomb-hand-delivered/#comments

    And you don’t necessarily need to make someone a manchurian candidate hypno-slave to pull that kind of thing off. You just need to gain enough control of the situation in order to make it look like they did it.

    That takes teamwork, infiltration and manipulation, which means an organization. And of all who COULD do something like that, which ones WOULD do something like that? Who benefits from creating and selling that garbage to the people?


    John B. Wells returns to SGT Report to break down the latest news and events – and he shares something very cool he is doing to help support General Michael Flynn, a Patriot whose life was destroyed by the deep state criminal cartel.


  3. You called it Kurt. Nicely done.

    And now for the FBI cover-up ‘a la mode’……………….

    Asymmetrical warfare, the gift that keeps giving.

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