Brian Krassenstein: Cheerleader for Censorship and War

Accused Ponzi scheme fraudster Brian Krassenstein is celebrating the takedown of Gab.

Brian and his twin brother Ed capitalized on the DNC organized Resistance™ and the Hate Trump movement which proliferates on social media and recently resulted in a story at The New York Times conjuring the assassination of the President of the United States (specifically, Zoë Sharp’s “How It Ends”). 

Prior to the shooting in Pennsylvania and the takedown of Gab, Krassenstein heralded the freedom of speech. Of course, this freedom—actually a natural right—is reserved for Democrats.

Krassenstein is 30-something and Jewish. He wants to disenfranchise white male senior citizens, all of whom are generalized as misogynistic.

He also cites as a political source the comedian Stephen Colbert. Last month Colbert said Trump’s nationalism is reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan (early in the last century, Democrats held “klanbakes,” but I digress).

I can’t recall Trump demanding the lynching of blacks and Jews. His son-in-law is Jewish. Trump loves Israel and sojourned there to worship at the Wailing Wall. His primary political donor is a Jewish casino magnate, Sheldon Adleson. 

The KKK analogy is simply and deliberatly misleading hyperbole designed to motivate ill-informed Democrats to vote for warmongering Democrats like Hillary Clinton.

I can’t seem to find a tweet by Mr. Krassenstein denouncing Hillary Clinton for her hate crimes, most notably her obscene chortling on 60 Minutes over the savage anal rape (avec bayonet) and murder of Gaddafi in Libya. 

Krassenstein panders to the ignorance of progressives. In this tweet, he basically calls all Trump supporters Nazis. I’d wager he knows nothing about Nazis, except they killed a lot of Jews (we rarely hear about the other victims: Roma, political dissidents, homosexuals, socialists, communists, anarchists, none that have thus far exploited Hitler and the Nazis as an excuse to steal land and engage in ethnic cleansing of the sort Hitler advocated under his Lebensraum policy).

Finally, if Krassenstein and his woefully ignorant and hatefully biased comrades manage to get a Democrat dominated Congress and a Democrat president in 2020, very little will change beyond rhetoric designed to mollify clueless Democrats. 

The financial tsunami coming—due in large part to Democrat Bill Clinton eradicating Glass-Steagall—will wipe out most small business in America, including Krassenstein’s 3D printing business. No doubt he will blame a Republican minority in Congress. 

The wars will continue and Krassenstein and all other establishment Democrats will support this—and short of that, simply ignore the murder of 30,000 Libyans, the arming of Syrian jihadists, and the drone war expanded by their savior and corporatist ideologue, Barrack Obama. 

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