Patsy Arrested in Non-bomb Attack on Democrats

Cesar Sayoc, a steroid head and convicted felon, is said to be the “domestic terrorist” who sent “bombs” (assemblages of junk) to Democrats.

He sure fits the bill. The most tantalizing prop here is a white van with pro-Trump, anti-Democrat stickers and posters covering the windows. All appear to be spanking new. 

Sayoc was arrested a few hours ago and the memes are now in full swing in the social media mosh pit. For instance, did you know this evil dude is connected to Russia?

He’s also a white supremacist, even though the guy is either Native American or Filipino according to the media.

I’m not a fan of the Zionist Ben Shapiro, who calls himself a conservative, but you have to feel a little sorry for the guy. His life will be wrecked by this incident. 

No trial required. Sayoc is guilty because he appears to be an ardent Trump supporter. That seems to be the primary symptom of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, as Brett Kavanaugh discovered. 

Not long ago were were told about the radicalization of Muslims, now we’re told supporting Trump and his agenda is a form of radicalization.

Finally, the package containing nonexplosive odds and ends sent to James Clapper resembles the one supposedly sent to John Brennan—both packages have uncanceled stamps.

This happened TWICE, which means the suspect hand-delivered the packages, or somebody else did. Sayoc lives in Florida. I waiting to see the flight manifest showing he flew to and from New York. 

Like crucial details in past terror events, the uncanceled stamps will be excluded from the official narrative as the state builds a case that Trump radicalizes terrorists and as such is unfit to be president. 

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2 thoughts on “Patsy Arrested in Non-bomb Attack on Democrats

  1. Cesar Sayoc is being treated as guilty by the press not the government, this is no different from previous suspects of terrorism (either domestic or foreign).

  2. These staged events are so frequent and so sloppy that the propagandists are losing the audience. Even the average CNN viewer gets bored with it after a while.

    Note that several of the “targets” of this latest stunt are members of the Rockefeller CFR, including Soros, the Clintons, Debbie Wasserman, and Time-Warner/CNN.

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