Fake Bombs and a Narrative for Idiots

Within hours of the first “bomb” appearing at CNN and subsequent assemblages of nonexplosive junk showing up at the offices of prominent Democrats, it was obvious the whole thing is a psychological operation designed to portray Trump fans as psychotic bombers.

Chuck Todd has taken the narrative to the next level. 

Daniel McAdams nails it:


Because Todd is the political director for NBC News, it is his job to help steer the propaganda narrative in the appropriate direction and send the desired message: Republicans are colluding with Russia, Trump is a Putin marionette, and the “bombs”—assemblages of nonthreatening junk—are the work of devious Russian agents.

In other words, the Russian “influence campaign” (e.g. reporting news contrary to the narrative) wasn’t enough, now they’re sending bombs. 

As I write this, the authorities have arrested a man in Florida—or Florid, as  the return address on the not mailed packages state, leaving us with the desired impression: Trumpers are illiterate know-nothings. 

You can bet this person—this patsy—will turn out to be a “conservative” Trump supporter. The social media cesspool is swirling with prearranged conclusions based on the photo of a white van. 


Now that the perp is said to be a Trump worshipper, we can expect a two minute hate session by Democrats right into the midterm election. 

Democrats need majorities in the House and Senate if they’re going to evict Donald Trump and his entourage of insiders, Goldman Sachs operatives, and neocons and replace them with their own (or even the same) insiders, Goldies, and creative destructionists. 

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