Dubious CNN “Bomb” Hand Delivered

It looks like somebody at the Post Office forgot to cancel the stamps on the supposed pipe bomb sent to CNN’s John Brennan.

Or not. More likely another stupid slip-up by the dirty tricksters from the “intelligence community” who are confident you’re a moron and you’ll believe any bullshit shoveled your way by the government. 

There’s an additional detail the script readers forgot to mention and more than likely completely missed—the ISIS sticker. It’s blurry, so it’s difficult to make out clearly. Some say it’s an ISIS parody sticker. It’s on the bottom of the device or piece of junk—Rush Limbaugh calls it a dildo—protruding from the manila envelope. 

If the Post Office didn’t deliver this, then who did? How did it end up in CNN’s mailroom? It must have been placed there. I imagine it is possible to get inside CNN’s mailroom.

This whole thing stinks, as usual. It’s unprofessional and sloppy.

It’s pretty obvious who this will be blamed on—the so-called Alt-right, or maybe possibly the Alt-left. I use these terms generically. All movements are stratified and factionalized. But CNN-MSNBC-FOX usually don’t make such distinctions. 

This latest bit of grotesque political theater has nothing to do with any organized movement of people—that is unless they work for the FBI, CIA, and military intelligence (and of course gobs of contractors). 

Like the Anthrax attack, it is a political trick contrived by the state to skew the midterm election by portraying Alt-whatever—just about anybody not on-narrative—as terrorist thugs. 

The race in the House is close. This stunt is part of an orchestrated effort to get a Democrat majority by scaring ill-informed and lied to fence sitters into the polling places. 

It’s hardly a new or unique technique—frightening voters with violence—and it works quite remarkably, most notably in Italy during Operation Gladio. 

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2 thoughts on “Dubious CNN “Bomb” Hand Delivered

  1. I’ve done a bit of research into psychology, government psy-ops, mass mind control, propaganda and sales techniques, secret programs, etc. …and I have a difficult time reviewing anything MSM without seeing the aforementioned. It’s just kind of obvious the way it’s all laid out and presented.

    The CIA is, historically, primarily responsible for a lot of that. I presume it’s them at work. Looks like their work and probable motives, as if mockingbird was upgraded and expanded to include corporate controls and interests.

  2. Yeah, this is unbelievable, that is I can’t believe that the FBI actually think this is going to fool intelligent people. Not that intelligent people are the primary target, but for-f**k-sake, this is ridiculous.

    I’m really troubled by this because it is so blatant and such an insult to the intelligence of BILLIONS of people.

    This is a whole new level of FBI terrorism directed at the American citizens.

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