Michael Moore’s Dumbed Down America

Michael Moore had an epiphany while on the road to Rome.

The filmmaker lambasted corporate media for placing more emphasis on frivolous entertainment than hard-hitting objective news. 

“If you allow rich corporations to buy up and control most of the media, and then put things on the media that are intended to appeal to the stupidity that’s in all of us, you will have a dumb-downed nation,” he said. 

Notice the use of the transitive verb “allow” in the above statement. If Moore sat atop the pinnacle of the state, he would decide what corporations are allowed to do business, and those not. Everything else would be run by a bloated, misfiring, inept, and corrupt state.

And who are these dumbed-down Americans, according to Moore? Those who voted for Trump and those who did not vote at all. 

If we follow Moore’s partisan-tilted logic, white males are responsible for installing Trump in the White House. “These are the last days of the dying dinosaur, the old white man who has been making the decisions since the beginning of our time,” he said. 

How to make certain another Trump-like candidate never makes it to the epicenter of government? 

Get rid of the Constitution, or at least modify. 

Doing this, according to Moore, will restore democracy, never mind the Founders were adamantly opposed to democracy and put a Constitution in place to uphold a republic. 

Moore wants to take a pickax to Article II, Section 1, Clause 2, now commonly called the Electoral College. Doing so would almost certainly ensure perpetual rule by Democrats. Three of the most populous states—California, New York, and Illinois—would determine the “popular” outcome of national elections. 

Not that it matters. Federal elections are manipulated by the ruling elite to make sure only vetted members of the political class are contenders. If you doubt this, take a look at what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders and the Republicans did to Ron Paul back in 2012. 

Trump beat this system. It has numerous holes allowing outliers and the disfavored to gain political office as part of the illusion we live in a pluralistic democracy ruled by the people. This illusion is mandatory—it is integral to the above mentioned dumbing-down process—even if it periodically puts somebody in office hated and reviled by the political elite. 

Despite hurdles and a deafening chorus of non-objective reporting on Trump during the election, he managed to find his way to the White House. Not because he’s an old white “privileged” male, but because he promised to upend the Deep State apple cart and Make America Great Again. Thus far, he’s done no such thing. 

As a superficial intersectional and identity polemist, Moore believes the dumbed-down in America are Trump supporters and troglodyte Republicans, while the enlightened are state and race-gender worshipping liberal and progressive Democrats eager to gut the Constitution. 

But here’s what Moore and his comrades either ignore or are so ideologically rigid they cannot accept.

The reason Donald Trump made it to the White House is really very simple: millions of Americans are fed-up with government, its corruption, and service to vested interests, most prominently corporations and international banks, although this is not widely understood. 

Unfortunately, they took Trump at face value and believed what he said about America, never mind his obvious inability to process complex political issues or his background as a shady real estate, casino, and hotel tycoon, to say nothing of a supercilious reality TV star who specialized in firing people.  

If Moore and the Democrats had their way, Hillary Clinton—the butcher of Tripoli—would be president now. This would have been yet another seamless transition as Obama handed the bloody baton (or cudgel) to Clinton and she continued the secret wars, the illegal and immoral drone attacks, and stoked the flames of war with Russia and China. 

Meanwhile, of course, she would dazzle her supporters with endless talk of MeToo-ism and individual rights predicated on gender, skin pigmentation, and political alignment, rights dispensed by the winds of political whim directed by the state. 

Beyond the acrimonious and provocative tweets and regurgitation of Fox News talking points, Trump is little different than those he denounces on a daily basis, the “Deep State Democrats” doing the bidding of a financial and corporate elite, the folks who underwrite and steer elections. 

Trump is little different than Democrats. He wields the power of the state—stretching the executive out to contorted and tyrannical proportions—to push a flawed MAGA agenda, continue endless wars, same as numerous predecessors, allow the banksters to rule the Treasury and Federal Reserve cartel, and lie about the real condition of a funny money economy and the peril of a shrinking middle class.  

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14 thoughts on “Michael Moore’s Dumbed Down America

  1. Every American with a desire to preserve our Constitutional Republic should read this post. I hope it is shared far and wide. And why is it that all the talking heads in the mouthpiece media and the fedgov always refer to the US as a “democracy”? This post is probably one of the clearest analysis’s of the sorry state of America that I have ever read.

    1. Your CONstipational Repugnant is no different than the leftist democracy, communism/socialism, or a dictatorship. At the root of all forms of statism is coercion and initiation of force to impose edicts. That’s called slavery. It’s wrong. ALL states are police states of varying degrees and flavors, but they all force you into obedience as per a premise/legal framework called a constitution and body of laws based thereof.

      Remove the element of force and it has to ask permission, it becomes a service that competes on the open market. Until that is done, ANY and ALL forms of government or social organization will ultimately result in slavery or some form of political/economic disaster.

      Your CONstitution and bill of rights is the root issue because it doesn’t protect rights as claimed. It’s a state. It’s nature is to violate. What it does is manage rights or make them up as is convenient for the state. Your amendments are either a legal provision to violate rights, about something else, or is grossly inadequate.

      It’s not a magic parchment. It’s just legal bullshit to boss you around with. It needs to be burned, or used as eagle cage liner.

    2. Note to readers the following article is brilliant, however it requires a slight typographical edit.

      1) Goto Edit menu
      2) Select Find & Replace
      3) Find: Trump
      Replace: Democrat
      4) Hit return


      Now it makes perfect sense.

      1. They’re interchangeable. It makes no difference. Both left and right are arms of the same violent body. It may as well be like changing red/blue T-shirts.

        The root issue is coercion, the initiation of force to impose edicts. It doesn’t matter what government is forcing you to do, but that it’s forcing you to do anything at all. It doesn’t matter what color shirt the man wears when he uses paper and magic special words to threaten you with a fine/cage/assault/gun to control you.

        It’s all about the coercion/force. Rebublicrats and Demopublicans are the same, just different factions of the same gang.

  2. He is correct on this very topic.

    “Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!” Nathan Meyer Rothschild

    Which Corporations Control the World?

    A surprisingly small number of corporations control massive global market shares. How many of the brands below do you use? It’s a Small World at the Top.


    “Control the oil, and you control nations. Control the food, and you control the people.” Henry Kissenger

    1. (Presuming you are American) Your economy is a system of enslavement.

      Your government claims total control of your economy, runs up a tab with the Fed, and pays it back with interest. Then the fed prints the money and pumps it into circulation. Government’s promise to pay it back is based on current to future tax revenue from hard working Americans and businesses and everything it can tax. It’s debt has already consumed several generations worth of revenue.

      That means every dolor spent is a unit of slavery, the time/life of yours/someone’s grandchildren/great grandchildren.

  3. You’re way wrong. Trump isn’t who you think he is. He’s playing four dimensional chess on your one dimensional board.

  4. “And who are these dumbed-down Americans, according to Moore? Those who voted for Trump and those who did not vote at all.”

    The stupid ones are the ones who vote in government elections of any kind. It matters not who they vote for.

    By voting, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the election. Regardless of the winner, you are agreeing to recognize the winner as your legitimate leader. You are also essentially signing a social contract and not only agreeing to, but demanding, the terms and conditions of government.

    And what are the terms and conditions of government? …to claim legitimacy and dominion over a geographical territory based on popular opinion/demand, magic words, ceremonies and BS on paper, then hire armies of people in funny clothes to make everyone do what the papers say or else be stolen from, abducted/caged, assaulted or murdered.

    In other words; Government violates everyone and claims legitimacy on religious nonsense and voter demands. Thus voting is demanding violence upon everyone, even yourself.

    That’s stupid.

    1. Yet another gormless and feckless American’t, who doesn’t understand what it truly means to be left-wing, both in a philosophical and practical sense.

      1. Stupid and weak? Are you kidding me?

        WAKE UP!

        I know exactly what it means. I know that whether you are a liberal or conservative, you are voting for a system that produces nothing but violence upon everyone, including yourself. …which is stupid, completely detrimental for the sociopolitical evolution and advancement of our species.

        Does it matter which kind turd sandwich you’re being forced to eat for lunch? Does it matter what color shirt the person waving the gun in your face is wearing? No. The problem is that you’re being forced to eat a turd. Actually asking for someone to force you to eat a turd is retarded.

        That’s essentially what voting is. It is demanding a system of violence, a big turd of a system of doing everything by force.

        Micheal Moore is trying to make it out as if a turd on wheat with swiss and mayo is for stupid people because the smart ones know a turd on rye with cheddar and mustard is the only way to go. As a Libertarian, I know eating shit is stupid. I’ll take a bacon club on rye.

  5. Both candidates were a horror show. Trump did appeal to those fed up with the loony left- he even went left as Moore pointed out in Fahrenheit 11/9. Appealed to the WORKERS! Imagine that! of course he lied…He doesn’t give a shit about anybody. ANYWAY Trump was installed – exit polls did not match final results in 4 key states. Yes Trump was installed. https://heavy.com/news/2016/11/2016-exit-polls-did-hillaty-clinton-win-presidential-election-voter-fraud-donald-trump-lose-rigged/

  6. The people who voted Trump into office are the same people who voted Obama into office.

    The non-committed Moderate voters who, every four years, must choose between the lesser of two evils.

    The left-wing nut jobs and the right-wing nut jobs cancel each other out so their votes don’t actually make a difference.

    But the partisan nut jobs are to stupid or mentally ill to understand that they are politically irrelevant.

    1. “The people who voted Trump into office are the same people who voted Obama into office.”


      Your vote is the equivalent to signing a contract, making an open signed declaration of agreement support and demand of the terms and conditions of the election process and system of governance. You are recognizing the winner as your legitimate leader regardless of how you vote.

      Any vote in a government election is a vote to legitimize government, which is nothing but systematic violence. Most of it’s claim to legitimacy is constituency, which is primarily the voters.

      Who could they claim to represent if no one voted?

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