6 thoughts on “Video: Google’s Good Censor Plan”

  1. You couldn’t set a fire in a dumpster at one of those places without being swatted like a bug. If you tried to organize a mob to do it, half of them would be gov agents.

    Even if you could just snap your fingers and make them all disappear, what would take their place? It’s not as “simple” as it sounds.


      1. You are either going to have to accept that you and your descendants are/will be total slaves, and quit bitching on blogs, or do something about it. Doing something about it isn’t going to happen by legal means. Legal means is you being bossed around with guns, being told what to pay be and do. Go ahead and petition your government to get rid of the CIA, NSA, DEA, ATF, DHS, their corporate associates, media, etc., etc.,. It will get you nowhere.

        The state will always look out for itself before any other interests. It’s nature is to grow, to consume and control everything it can until there is nothing to gobble up. Everything it does is ultimately done with coercion/deadly force.

        The only peaceful means of correction is total boycott and mass civil disobedience. It would take everyone wholly and zealously rejecting government. Try convincing the world of that. Ha!

        You have to wreck shit to get anything done.


  2. Who would have thought Corporate America would turn on the people? History is clear as day.

    07/12/2017 Google will soon obtain private genetic data on hundreds of thousands of medical patients… without their consent

    Elizabeth Denham, a representative of the ICO told TheGuardian.com, “Our investigation found a number of shortcomings in the way patient records were shared for this trial. Patients would not have reasonably expected their information to have been used in this way, and the Trust could and should have been far more transparent with patients as to what was happening.”



  3. Our thugocracy still has its free zones. Let the googles of the globalist cabal enjoy their freedom. As long as I may enjoy my freedom to go elsewhere. There’s more choice now than ever. Make the change – get off the google slave train and cancel your Facebook account. Doesn’t require any stupid legislation from mindless servbots in Congress – who are paid by the same people who would censor your internet content.


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