Arizona Dem Blows It, Calls Her State “Meth Lab of Democracy”

Kyrsten Sinema is doomed. And it’s her own fault. 

She’s running for the US Senate in Arizona as a Democrat. But she has a big problem. During the Bush years she was an antiwar activist. 

Now she says she will support whatever it takes to fight our (manufactured) enemies. 

Sinema knows this is what she’s supposed to say if she wants to be accepted by the Democrat establishment. Both parties are parties of endless war and if you’re not on the bandwagon, you’re not going to get a seat.

Social media is rife with scorched tidbits to make certain she never enters the swamp. After all, she did the unthinkable. Sinema asked communists and anarchists to join a protest against the neocon wars in 2003. 

Then somebody scraped up a video where she disses Arizonans. 

It’s not the antiwar past she clumsily tried to bury with her humanitarian interventionist rhetoric that doomed her, but the trashing of the people Sinema says she will represent if elected to (self) serve in the swamp.

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One thought on “Arizona Dem Blows It, Calls Her State “Meth Lab of Democracy”

  1. Notice how many of our Demuplicans and Republicrats (from R.Maybury) call the US a “Democracy”. Why is that? Are they ignorant or do they need to get unelected in a hurry. You decide

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