First They Came for the Libertarians

Robert Wenzel has a story up about an attempt to marginalize and eventually expel Dr. Walter Block from his teaching position at Loyola University in New Orleans. 

Block’s crime? He’s a libertarian. 

He wrote about the situation on October 9.

For know-nothing and imbecilic Identity activists, being a libertarian is the same as being a racist, sexist, misogynist, and an intolerable rightwing extremist advocating nonviolence and the principles of natural rights. The SJW know-nothings are boycotting his class in the hope enrollment will drop and the university will give Block his walking papers.

This is reminds me of what happened in the 1930s when the Nazis began infiltrating German universities, which resulted in the expulsion of not only Jewish professors, but all who rejected National Socialism. Book burnings and assassinations followed. 

The social just-us warriors are following a similar path. They want to cleanse not only the universities, but society as a whole of thought they denounce as the product of privileged white males. The methods they use were on display for all to see when they persecuted Brett Kavanaugh—lies, false testimony, perjury, insinuation, tawdry accusations, and character assassination. 

How long before these brainwashed know-nothings invade the universities like the Nazis, beating and throwing professors off mezzanines? 

Unlike the Nazis, the SJW mob is not in control of the government, so they do not have the ability to eject, beat, possibly kill en masse those who resist the idiocy of the gender- and race-based theology. 

It’s common behavior now for these SJW activists to stage violent protests in opposition to invited speakers they consider racist, sexist, and fascist (although many of these know-nothings know nothing about fascism and its historical parallels). 

We are now at the point where you can lose a job if some “anarchist” with a balaclava accuses you of crimes against gender, race, and supposedly “marginalized communities” of transsexuals, irate postmodern feminists, and people of a certain skin pigmentation (once upon a time, the latter was considered racist, but we are now instructed people of color cannot be racist or can misandrist females be sexist). 

For now, this is mostly confined to university campuses, but considering the radicalization of millions, mostly know-nothing millennials, in the wake of the election of Donald Trump, we can expect this to spread like pernicious metastatic cancer from the ivory towers and dormitories to society as a whole. 

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5 thoughts on “First They Came for the Libertarians

  1. I suspect that if the democrats win the white house in 2020, the left will begin violent attacks against non-communists and that WILL lead to a truncated civil war and perhaps Marshall law.

  2. The school is named after Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Catholic Jesuit Order, and is one of 28 Jesuit colleges in America.

    “If there is a totalitarian regime – in fact and by right – it is the regime of the [Catholic] church, because man belongs totally to the church.” — Pope Pius XI, 1938

    1. The Jesuit Order was founded by Jews and is controlled and populated by Jews and their degenerate servants commonly referred to as Shabbos goy.
      There is a mass of documentation from researchers on this fact spanning centuries.

  3. I keep saying that all of the non-libertarians/statists need to be exterminated because they cannot be reasoned with, because they will continue to insist on systematic violence with increasing zeal. Those retards in Louisiana are a great example. Not because they boycott him, but because they think that way and do all sorts of other things to support and promote systematic violence, belligerence, ignorance, etc.

    What the world needs is a nuclear war. It’s better than perpetual slavery.

  4. The comparison to Germany in the 1930’s isn’t quite relevant. The correct comparison is to Russia from 1914 to 1918.
    The Zionist control Trump just as they controlled Lenin and Trotsky.
    Clinton and Sanders are Neo-Bolsheviks and are part of the control-structure of asymmetrical warfare propaganda.
    The push for the overthrow of the capitalist government and the institution of “socialism” was followed by mass slaughter of ethnic Slavic Russians by the Jewish Bolsheviks. (see A. Solzhenitsyn quotes)
    Eventually, the Bolsheviks would slaughter tens of millions of non-Jews over the next 30 years.
    Burning churches and mosques were regular occurrences, while the synagogues remained protected and unmolested.
    We face the exact same thing today. The Russians and Israelis are pushing the U.S. toward another round of genocidal Bolshevism.
    If you don’t believe this, you are woefully out of touch with reality, and need to do REAL research on this subject.
    No, not Snopes or Wikipedia or other Neo-Bolshevik media outlets.
    It’s time to wake up NOW, or be forever enslaved..
    Or worse.

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