Waiting for a Text Message from the State

Today Donald Trump will send me and every other American with a cellphone a text message.  You can’t prevent this, the message sent by FEMA will appear on your phone without your consent.

But it’s not simply your phone. The FEMA text message will also pop up on televisions and “smart” watches.

Obviously, this would be useful—despite not having permission to use my phone—if there was a natural disaster, but the real objective is to get propaganda in your face as efficiently as possible.

Ever since 9/11 we have been pelted with fake terror alerts. Most domestic terror plots are arranged by the FBI for political purposes and these keep the public on edge and induce fear, which is then exploited by the state.

The government has issued terror alerts for the NASCAR Daytona 500, the NBA All-Star Weekend, the Winter Olympics, NFL games, and a Duck Dynasty sponsored NASCAR race. None of these supposed terror attacks took place.

In the past, it was relatively easy to ignore phony plots, but now they will be delivered right to your phone, thus amplifying fear and anxiety.

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One thought on “Waiting for a Text Message from the State”

  1. This just goes to show, you don’t really own your phone. Government does. Just as you’ll practically have almost no choice in having a SmartMeter bolted to your home. Or government mandated health insurance.


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