Troll Nation: “Distinguished” Professor Calls for Murdering Congressmen

Is Georgetown University professor Christine Fair criminally insane? 

She tweeted a few days ago a call to kill a “chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement.” In true Neo-Jacobin fashion she then said her victims would be castrated and their genitals fed to swine. 

It’s remarkable a supposedly prestigious university like Georgetown doesn’t immediately dismiss employees calling for the murder of elected representatives—or anybody, for that matter. Even Robespierre’s guillotine was more humane than this.

So far, it looks like the university is not saying anything about Fair’s tweet, let alone moving to discipline her spewing of murderous hatred of white males. 

In other words, as of today, Georgetown University either agrees with Fair or believes this sort of behavior falls under academic freedom. I’d have to say they fall somewhere in the middle, not advocates of murder but definitely advocates of the Identity agenda and postmodern feminism taught in American universities. 

Fair’s Twitter account wasn’t closed down. But then she didn’t troll a B actress featured in a B movie remake. She didn’t post alternative theories on Sandy Hook and 9/11. That’s impermissible and will get you barred from social media for life. But executing and dismembering senators based on political party affiliation, gender, and skin pigmentation? No problem. 

Ms. Fair’s curriculum vitae is very interesting. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and also a creature from the RAND lagoon, the globalist think tank created in 1948 by Douglas Aircraft Company at the same time the national security state and the CIA were being put into place. RAND performs as a public relations apparatus for the military-industrial complex, now the military-surveillance complex. Fair shared office space with the likes of kingpin war criminal Henry Kissinger, the conniving neocon Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, and other notables. 

Additionally, Fair is a member of International Institute for Strategic Studies, a policy institute that draws its members from “government, business and academic élites” and represents business interests, including the paramount interests of finance and investment.

In other words, Ms. Fair is a member of the establishment. 

I believe violence and advocated violence based on political bifurcation and extremist ideologies is being used by the state and its overlords to create tension and distraction which can then be manipulated in Hegelian fashion to achieve a preferred political and social result. 

The result? Total control of humanity through indoctrination, public education, entertainment and establishment propaganda, surveillance, and a police state with its federalized and militarily armed law enforcement armies.

As British colonialists discovered a few centuries ago the best way to control a population is to further fan the flames of discord and violence among tribal groups, thus their attention is drawn away from the real target and battles fought over what are essentially irrelevant and trivial issues—for instance, bakers refusing to make wedding cakes for gay couples. 

Following this, you might think the ruling elite are social justice warriors in favor of butchering Republicans in Congress. Not at all. Most Congress critters are on the payroll. 

Rather, they are exploiting this absurd and highly irrational ideology to gain control and impose a world governmental and financial system. 

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6 thoughts on “Troll Nation: “Distinguished” Professor Calls for Murdering Congressmen

  1. Hi Kurt, I have been reading your site for a few months now and I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your efforts. The quality is always high and the volume of your output is fantastic as well.

    Thanks again, from London .

  2. She didn’t call for it, she said they deserve it. Big difference. And so what if she would have? So what if she killed him herself? How does she not have a right to do so?

    Government, in all forms, is simply a big violent gang that claims everyone and everything as it’s subjects, ultimately with a threat of deadly force. That means that anyone who is not a willing supporting member of the gang has a right to defense, up to and including deadly force.

    She could have shot a voter or senator or judge or cop, etc., and it would be rightful defense.

    1. So if a “subject” or “anyone who is not a willing supporting member of the gang” perceives someone, anyone, as a potential threat, then it’s permissible to kill them ?
      Really ?

      1. No. Government is always a threat to everyone. It’s systematic violence. The right to defense applies. It’s therefore rightful to kill anyone who is a willing member just because they are a member, because membership means threatening you with deadly force.

        I am not necessarily saying it is the best thing to do, just that you have a right to defense against it and it’s members.

        Understand that everything government does, it does with coercion with a threat of up to and including deadly force. Therefore everything it does is violent, a threat, a violation of rights, unethical, wrong. It produces nothing but violence in one form or another.

        It’s just a big gang, a terrorist organization or violent religious cult, by definition. A bunch of people organize to hire someone to say magic special words at a ceremony, then write down what everyone in a claimed geographical territory is to pay do and be, then hire an army of people in funny clothes with weapons to hunt the people and make them do what the paper says or else be stolen more from, caged, assaulted or even murdered.

        That’s called organized crime. It starts with a vote and ends with a man killing you for disobedience. You have a right to defense against it by whatever means necessary and/or available. And since the threat is deadly force, deadly force is appropriate.

        If your neighbor doesn’t want to be shot in the face, he shouldn’t be a gangster and hire people to violate you, threaten you and boss you around with weapons.

  3. I would tend to agree that this is more ideological subversion than partisan political rhetoric. The ultimate goal is the undermining of the foundations of society. In this case pitting right vs left, white vs black and male vs female.
    Quite a package.
    This type of apparent hate none the less makes my blood boil.
    Under normal circumstances she would likely be committed for a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation.
    If I had the authority, I would have her arrested for incitement.
    But as the communist agenda moves ahead unimpeded, we will continue to see such displays of incivility and unrestrained hatred moving forward.

  4. Georgetown president John deGioia is also a member of the Rockefeller CFR, along with Dianne Feinstein, the Clintons and George Soros. See lists in the CFR annual report.

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