Michelle Obama to Voters: Stay Stupid

According to Michelle Obama, as a citizen you don’t need to be well-informed on the issues, and you certainly don’t need to “read every article” in order to participate in what is a fixed horse race. 

In other words, you may remain intellectually incurious, ill-informed by corporate media fake news, and manipulated by the professional political class. You may not know where Pakistan is, or Des Moines for that matter, but it’s OK. 

Just make sure you pull that Democrat lever in November. 

3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama to Voters: Stay Stupid

  1. Voting is a criminal act because it demands systematic violence upon everyone within a claimed territory, and/or within reach of government control. Voting for a government is, by definition, willful participation and membership to a terrorist organization or violent religious cult. It’s fundamentally wrong – don’t do it.

    That’s all you really need to know about it.

  2. Michelle Obama is an angry, ignorant racist and bigot.
    It’s amusing how people whom claim that they can’t be racist because of the color of their skin are the most racist, bigoted people you will ever encounter.
    Her husband was elected by the very same moderate Americans that elected Bush and Trump.
    Sadly, she is just to unintelligent to understand, or just unwilling to relinquish her hatred for Europeans and their descendants, this simple fact.
    Given her status among the communist left in America, her vacuous rhetoric makes her a significant threat to freedom.

  3. The left wing agenda includes the creation of fedgov servbots who do what they’re told. In the next phase, those who don’t follow the rules will get the Ji Xinping treatment. Reducation is a must….

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