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For months now, indeed for over a year, the corporate media has tossed around the prospect of Trump’s UN ambassador Nikki Haley becoming president. They say it is entirely possible Americans will vote for this woman. She’s perceived as tough with the latch of a bull dog, relentlessly confronting Iran, Venezuela, and other enemies of the neoliberal order. 

I am convinced my fellow Americans will vote for Haley. Most vote with superficialities in mind and can’t be bothered to bone up on geopolitics. This is what happened with Donald Trump. Americans voted for him because he talked the talk about taking down the globalist racket that has shipped their jobs overseas and allowed impoverished Mexicans to rush over the border in search of work and handouts. 

It was obvious Trump would be unable to do what he said on the campaign trail. He sent mixed messages—get US troops out of the Middle East while advocating bombing Syria and Iran, stealing oil, and killing suspected terrorists and their families—while all the while focusing with idiot savant obsession on a wall that will never be built, a wall in response to neoliberal policies that have wiped out the Mexican farmer and hobbled economic growth in country where the elite takes all but a few crumbs left for the campesinos. But not even Mexico, with more than fifty percent of the population in poverty, can compete with the authoritarian slave labor camp known as China. 

This is why Trump needs his wall, a supposed backstop preventing desperate Mexicans from entering the country in search of agricultural work and welfare state handouts in the United States. Trump has given lip service to dismantling international corporatist trade deals, but thus far nothing has changed. The wall is a mirage in the desert. 

People will vote for Haley for the same reason. She will make all kinds of promises, few achievable and many undesirable and even absurd. Most Americans will not notice. They will follow the corporate media, which shapes their opinions.

Here’s what the script readers will not tell the largely disenfranchised American public: Nikki Haley is a Zionist. Everything in her world orbits around Israel. She knew, even as a school girl, the capital of Israel is Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv. Haley—and Sec. State Pompeo and especially neocon madman adviser to the president Bolton—believe the epicenter of the evil and terror in the world emanates from Iran, never mind Iran has not thought about nukes in over a decade and a half (around the time Bush and his neocons invaded a sanctions-wracked Iraq). The last time Iran (then Persia) crossed its borders to attack a neighbor was in 1798 when the shah invaded Basra.

The US feigns outrage over Iran’s relationship with Iraq while conveniently ignoring the fact 60% of the country is Shi’a, and less the 30% Sunni. The Wahhabi Sunnis in Riyadh have been driven insane by the presence of a small Zaidiyyah sect (a Shi’a offshoot) that emerged from Sa’dah in northern Yemen in the 1990s. This wasn’t much of a problem for Saudi Arabia until the Houthis overthrew the US and Saudi client Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. He fled to a Riyadh airbase and was embraced by Saudi Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud. What followed—with the help of the US—was a series of war crimes resulting in a severe humanitarian crisis. Undoubtedly, for Saudi Arabia, this isn’t a problem—the Houthis are infidels, unbelievers, lowly and death-deserving kafara. For Saudi Arabia, there isn’t a humanitarian crisis in Yemen because, according to the austere and violent nature of Wahhabism, the Houthis are on the receiving end of Allah’s wrath. 

If Nikki Haley is elected president—and more than a few see this as a distinct possibility—the relationship with Israel and Saudi Arabia will intensify and—if Bolton doesn’t convince Trump to bomb Iran before 2020—there will be a war, possibly involving Russia and China. 

The neocons weathered a two-term Obama and are now enduring the weathervane and geopolitical imbecile Trump, a man they hate so passionately many are teaming up with Democrats to dethrone him. 

That won’t be a problem for Nikki. She understands how the game is played. Israel is a top priority. Smashing Iran, in similar fashion to Iraq before it, is at the very top of the neocon creative destruction agenda. 

Madam Haley will reorient US foreign policy and set it straight on a path to the ultimate destruction of not only Iran and Syria, but the United States as well. Empires invariably fall and Nikki Haley is an ideal candidate to oversee the destruction of America. 

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  1. Nikki Haley’s parents are Sikhs who emigrated to the US from Punjab, India. She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and worked for her mother’s clothing business before launching her political career. She lacks the qualifications for her present position, much less the Presidency — except for her slavish devotion to the Zionist agenda.

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