The Corporate-Bankster “Resistance” and the Death of Due Process

The so-called “Resistance” against Donald Trump and establishment Republicans has dispensed with due process, an enduring principle dating back centuries to the Magna Carta and its clause 61. The term “due process” appeared in the statutory version of the Magna Carta the following century, in 1354. Both the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments contain a due process clause. 

Identity Democrats and “social justice” activists have absolutely no use for the rule of law. This was underscored recently when The New York Times interviewed Senator Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii and a member of the Judiciary Committee. 

She told the Times the persecution of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is only the beginning of a witch hunt that will eventual reach out and touch all white American males. Hirono wants “every nominee on five committees that I sit on [to be interrogated] regarding whether they’ve ever, as an adult, engaged in sexual assault or asked for sexual favors.” 

How long before this becomes standard procedure for a government job, and then a private sector job? If Democrats take control of Congress in 2018 and the White House in 2020, such laws are inevitable in one form of another. 

Hirono and the Democrats want to make sure Kavanaugh doesn’t sit on the Supreme Court. I don’t want this man on the bench either. Not because he supposedly did something unacceptable to a woman thirty years ago, but rather because he is an enthusiastic supporter of the surveillance state and declared enemy of the Fourth Amendment. 

“He has said what about the presumption of innocence? That is something that’s applied in a criminal context. This is a job interview. His credibility, his character, his candor matter,” Hirono said. 

I’ve been through a dozen job interviews over the years and never grilled about my sex life. This is not a standard job interview process. It’s a partisan witch hunt, an inquisition based on gender and identity politics. 

Hirono is correct. Kavanaugh isn’t on trial for sexual assault. Instead, his reputation is being systematically destroyed without evidence of a crime having been committed. He is being tried in the “court of public opinion,” thanks to the corporate media. 

Hirono and the #MeToo Democrats want an investigation. 

“When the FBI conducts a background investigation of a presidential nominee, it vacuums up all kinds of information about the nominee, including claims from people interviewed by agents, and dumps it into the file. It does not, however, investigate whether or not derogatory information is true—unless it’s asked to follow up by the White House,” reports NBC. 

Naturally, there will be no request from the Trump White House to have a highly politicized FBI investigate its Supreme Court nominee based on accusations made by Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford. She has demanded an FBI investigation before she will testify, thus inserting a a roadblock that will drag the confirmation process out and allow the corporate media to do its job vilifying Trump’s nominee. 

FBI investigations often result in criminal cases and this is precisely what the #MeToo inquisition is looking for—not only to deny Kavanaugh a seat on the Court, but to sully and destroy his personal and professional life. 

While #MeToo activists are emboldened by the Kavanaugh inquisition, they fail, as usual, to see the bigger picture. Dianne Feinstein the Democrats are more interested wresting power away from Republicans than eliminating sexual assault. If they must destroy Kavanaugh to keep a Supreme Court seat open for another Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Elena Kagan, that’s what they will do. 

The rule of law is now in the process of evaporation. The Kavanaugh inquisition empowers politically motivated women to destroy men without evidence. It is now illogically assumed any accusation made against a man doesn’t need the burden of proof. 

The #MeToo orthodoxy takes as a given all men are sexual predators, especially white privileged men, and the crimes of male domination are hardwired into the patriarchy. Thus all males are suspect and it should be assumed they are rapists and misogynists. If a woman claims she was raped 35 years ago, we must believe her, otherwise we’re with the rapists. 

The ruling elite are using this preposterous version of feminism to gain political control and distract the public from larger, more serious issues, for instance the perpetuation of war for profit and conquest and the crimes of the financial class, crimes that will ultimately strip mine America of its wealth and reduce it to a third world hellhole. 

If they can normalize this behavior—convicting people of crimes based on accusation alone—they will have a license to hold political inquisitions of those attempting the change a bankrupt, venal, and poisonous system. This process is underway now as the state moves to destroy an alternative media, denouncing it as hateful, racist,  misogynistic, and dangerously extremist. 

Finally, if we can believe corporate polls, the media has once again done a fine job of brainwashing the public. 

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