Brett Kavanaugh is Not a Libertarian

What to make of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh main attraction as other, far more important and relevant news goes wanting?

Nothing. It should be tuned out. From my perspective the Supreme Court is a destructive force poised against a Constitution it is supposedly sworn to uphold.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, somehow touted as a libertarian choice to counterbalance an activist Supreme Court, is also an enemy of the Bill of Rights.

As a federal circuit judge, he ruled against the Fourth Amendment in favor of the surveillance state. He opined the amendment only applies to unreasonable searches and for the judge the behavior of the surveillance state and its corporate tentacles is entirely reasonable.

“Government’s program for bulk collection of telephony metadata serves a critically important special need—preventing terrorist attacks on the United States. In my view, that critical national security need outweighs the impact on privacy occasioned by this program,” he argued.

In other words, the fake exigency of endless war engineered by the national security state—specifically to dilute our natural rights and feed a ravenous death merchant complex—is of far more importance than what is written on that faded parchment.

This idea that the state has an exclusive right to steal your most private and sensitive data and possibly use it against you is supported by other supposed originalists, including the failed Court nominee Judge Robert Bork.

My issue with Kavanaugh is not his supposed sexual dalliance. It is his view that the state and its spooks are above the Constitution and the rule of law. He supports new and improved writs of assistance, the excuse the British used during the Colonial era to raid homes, confiscate firearms, and search for what it deemed subversive writings and publications.

We are being led down a path to a predetermined destination—a police state panopticon and endless war against phantom enemies—while a “crazytown” circus roils on either side, fuming with accusations of sexual misconduct, lewd corporate media stories about Kavanaugh and his genitals, and partisan nonsense of little to no relevance to the American people.

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5 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh is Not a Libertarian

  1. This is some of the most compelling analysis I’ve read. Thank you for being a real bright light in a nation of darkness.

  2. I can’t help but feel that any SOTUS nominee that Trump presents will be a Zionist puppet.
    I appose Kavanaugh for that reason.
    Gorsuch signed off on torture, so they are both Israeli puppets as far as I’m concerned.
    The democrats would nominate a Bolshevik communist, so either way America is done.

  3. Kavanaugh also played a key role in the cover-up of the Vince Foster murder during the Clinton admin. See this 2016 article by Hugh Turley:

  4. I agree with most of that. Very well stated.

    However, I disagree with the constitution. It’s complete BS, just another framework for a state, for systematic violence. It is the very tool being used to enslave everyone. The bill of rights isn’t really about protecting rights. It’s about managing them for convenience of the state.

    The fourth amendment (which you cite) is a good example. It doesn’t protect anything. It’s a legal provision for violating privacy and property on the stipulation that government has a reason and a man in a robe who says magic special words describes it on paper. You have a right to privacy and property regardless of their reasons, religious ceremonies or BS on paper.

    There is no such thing as a libertarian government. Libertarianism is based on reality, the value of life and rights. Government is based on violence and fictitious magic powers. They are completely antithetical to each other. You cannot respect and protect rights by violating them.

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