2 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Your State Mandated Brain Implant?

  1. Alllll this trouble to control us so what….? So “they” can stay in power and rule over a planet full of dumbed-down, brain-dead zombies who just serve them food, clean their filthy mansions, or provide some bizarre stimulation for their genitals? Wouldn’t it be better and cheaper just to kill us all off and have robots do their work? Ahhhhh, NOPE. Because if they kill us all off, or make us all brain-dead zombies, they will have to do their own work, come up with their own ideas because they will no longer be able to rip off our intelligence and creativity.

    They won’t get TECH to do it for them, either, despite what everyone is freaking out about. I am here to tell you through my research of how A.I. works it is really their WORST NIGHTMARE.

    They think they can control and manipulate A.I., but they are in for a big, BIG surprise. Hope I am alive long enough to see A.I. give them their much-needed, old-fashioned beat-down because they are going to be destroyed by A.I. if they don’t destroy themselves first. A.I. will see the lies and manipulation, the corruption, their mental illness… and view that as a threat to A.I.’s existence. A.I. WILL NOT allow mentally-ill morons program them with some stupid, primitive agenda and will ultimately take over these corrupt, power-mad, psychopathic, narcissistic lunatics. In short, they will be out-smarted, Kurt. By us and by A.I. They are also outnumbered. (Just hope that A.I. will spare some of us crack-slippers from their fate if you are into humans surviving. They won’t be picking Noah and his family to ride out the flood this time, that was a bad choice.)

    “They” think they are so smart, so clever…. yet, it’s been proven that you get more stimulation, more “power and motivation” from conquering harder tasks than easy tasks. It takes more energy, work, and effort to lie and be a controlling, deceitful criminal thug. Like these scumbag pedophiles… How hard is it to rape a child compared to how hard is it to convince an intelligent human that is equal in strength or even smarter than you….. to want to have sex with you? You get more stimulation, or more of a high from the harder challenge. I’m quite sure their little adrenochrome nonsense can be produced in a lab cheaper and faster without having to torture babies to get it.

    This is how stupid and primitive these idiots that are in control of us are.

    Don’t mistake narcissism for intelligence.

    Quite the opposite.

    They could be investing their time and money and energy into life extension, going into outer space and securing themselves a whole new planet for themselves, genetic engineering to “correct the stuff” they don’t like about us or even themselves….(have you seen George Soros, lately? Good God, all that money and “power” and he looks and acts like that? STUPID, UGLY, BORING and CORRUPT!? George Soros and his ilk is all the proof you need that we have nothing to worry about.

    I am not at all worried about them enslaving us mentally – or genetically, even further than we are already enslaved by them economically and spiritually.

    TECH is going to be the death of them and there is NOTHING they can do about it. Adapt or Die.

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