Syria, the United Nations, and the  Slobodan Milosevic Treatment

It’s long been obvious the United Nations is a rubber stamp lapdog of the United States. It set the stage for a decade of sanctions that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and piled sanctions of Libya that resulted in the US and NATO (another lapdog) taking military action that killed around 30,000 Libyans. 

Now that supposedly august body has signaled it will investigate war crimes in Syria. 

The Associated Press reports the “resolution adopted by the assembly said the body, known as the ‘International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism,’ would help collect and analyze evidence of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law ‘to facilitate and expedite fair and independent criminal proceedings.’”

There is nothing fair and independent about it. If it were truly fair, the top human rights violator, the United States government and its Pentagon, would be at the top of the UN’s to-do list. 

The US is responsible for the “civil war” in Syria. It has agitated for “regime change” since at least 2005 under the guise of “democracy promotion,” well before the CIA sent operatives—many were “rebels” that participated in the US-NATO Libyan massacre—into the city of Deraa to stir up trouble.

“The staged uprising in Deraa had some locals in the street who were unaware of their participation in a CIA-Hollywood production,” writes Steven Sahiounie. “They were the unpaid extras in the scene about to be shot. These unaware extras had grievances, perhaps lasting a generation or more, and perhaps rooted in Wahhabism, which is a political ideology exported globally by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Royal family and their paid officials.”

The Libya rebels who killed Gaddafi were at the Omari Mosque in Deraa stockpiling weapons. “The participation of local Muslim Brotherhood followers, who would assist the foreign Libyan mercenaries/terrorists, was an essential part of the CIA plan, which was well scripted and directed from Jordan,” Sahiounie explains. 

“The CIA agents running the Deraa operation from their office in Jordan had already provided the weapons and cash needed to fuel the flames of revolution in Syria.   With enough money and weapons, you can start a revolution anywhere in the world.”

It was this manufactured “revolution” that resulted in a brutal war and the death of more than half a million people, all of them—according to the corporate propaganda media—slaughtered by al-Assad and his Syrian Arab Army. 

You can bet this wasn’t a topic of discussion at the United Nations. The attempt to indict and prosecute al-Assad and other Syrian officials for war crimes is undoubtedly a directive handed down by the United States and its bulldog ambassador, Nikki Haley. 

This politically motivated “investigation” by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council—which, incidentally, the US removed itself from—will base its prearranged conclusion on a fairy tale: the unproven and White Helmet staged fake chemical attacks in Syria. 

Because al-Assad will not leave office willingly (having been elected by the Syrian people), the only option appears to be the Slobodan Milošević treatment. This Serbian, the former president of the late Yugoslavia—which was chopped into bantustans by NATO and the United States following a sustained bombing campaign by Bill Clinton—was arrested and sent to The Hague to face prosecution for war crimes. He subsequently died while in confinement. 

I’m not saying Milošević was a nice guy. It is said he killed his political opponents. However, his crimes, when compared to the behavior of US client states and partners—Israel and Saudi Arabia come to mind—are paltry by way of comparison. 

It should be noted that after Milošević died, the International Court of Justice concluded separately in the Bosnian Genocide Case that there was no evidence linking him to genocide committed by Bosnian Serb forces during the Bosnian War.

This is basically the same routine the US and the UN want to pull on al-Assad. It’s a Plan B to have him removed following the failure of the US, its partners and proxies, to remove him through orchestrated violence and murder. 

And it is perfectly timed. Last week Syria’s UN ambassador, Bashar Ja’afari, said in a letter to General Assembly President Miroslav Lajcak that the upcoming investigation is another destructive action by its sponsors, Qatar and Liechtenstein.

Ja’afari hit the nail square on the head. He said the UN decision arrives during a “delicate stage” in negotiations to end the war. He added “some governments… have supported chaos and terrorism in Syria” as part of “their war on global terrorism,” which is farcical as the White Helmet chemical attacks. 

Furthermore, the Syrian UN ambassador said the body has ditched its supposed neutrality—which, of course, it never had—and is obedient as a trained lapdog. He charged the UN is responding “to political and financial pressure and the polarization practices of some member states, especially those supporting the investigative body.”

Meanwhile, the US and Israel continue to violate the UN charter by bombing and occupying a significant part of the country. These two renegade nations should be at the top of the list of candidates to be indicted and prosecuted for war crimes. 

But then a lapdog never bites the hand that feeds. 

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  1. Most of the US delegates to the UN Organizing Conference were members of the Rockefeller CFR, including John F. Dulles, Cordell Hull, and Alger Hiss, Secretary-General of the conference. The UN headquarters sits on land donated by John D. Rockefeller Jr., a few blocks away from Rockefeller University.

    Nearly every US ambassador to the UN has been a CFR member, including: Rice, Khalilzad, Bolton, Negroponte, Holbrooke, Richardson, Albright, Perkins, Pickering, Kirkpatrick, McHenry, Young, Scranton, Moynihan, Scali, Bush, Yost, Ball, Goldberg, Stevenson, Wadsworth, Lodge, and Stettinius.

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