Delusions of the Social Justice Warrior Gang

Main tenets of the social warrior:

RACISM. It’s true, there are racist people. But so what? If they’re not killing, lynching, or dragging people behind pickup trucks, what is the problem? People have an absolute right to be idiots, narrow-minded, hateful, racist, and sexist—so long as such prejudices and irrational fear are not acted upon in a violent way against others. The SJW clan believes racism should be eradicated—at least the racism of white males—but this is in stark contrast to reality and human nature. People are naturally suspicious and fearful of the people outside of the tribe, especially if they look and act different. SJW cultural pseudo-Marxist polemics and “direct action” are incapable of changing this human attribute. It is the height of folly to think a deeply embedded and intrinsic behavior can be modified or eliminated through rhetoric and reeducation. Mao went one step further. He killed millions of people who disagreed with his totalitarian ideology.

SEXISM. The case is similar in regard to alleged sexism. Despite the idiotic pronouncements on the left, there is a difference between men and women that cannot be overcome with ideology and so-called direct action, which is violence. If not for the male “sexist” response and interaction with females, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading it. But according to the SJW folks, allowing this behavior results in the promotion and acceptance of a “rape culture” which is, of course, the product of predatory white males. Once again, the left wants to get inside your head and defeat—through intimidation and violence—what is essentially a hardwired biological male trait inextricably linked to human reproduction. Rape is not sex. It’s violence and therefore criminal. But catcalls and sexual innuendoes are not rape (violence) or part of a “rape culture” perpetuated by patriarchal males. The SJW left wants to punish males for the use of words and ideas (many admittedly repulsive). The SJW types believe they can change human behavior just like Marx thought his philosophy would eventually produce a new communist man and capitalism would be assigned to the dustbin of history. Instead, it produced millions of corpses.

HOMOSEXUALITY. I prefer to call this by its scientific name, not the hijacked adjective currently in use. Mainstreaming what many once considered aberrant behavior is now a cause célèbre for the SJW left. Before you write me off as an irreconcilable homophobe, know that I believe sexual behavior between consenting adults in the privacy of their own home is none of my business. For the average SJW follower, this is surrender to a homophobic white male patriarchy. Homosexuality must be shoved in your face, not only on the street but through propaganda media and entertainment. The LGBTQIA political movement is absurdly compared to the civil rights movement, even though homosexuals are not forced to sit at the back of the bus or drink from different water fountains than “straight” people. If people are criminalized and punished for sexual thought crimes—as opposed to actual physical crimes—and this is enforced by the state, the sky’s the limit on what they can do to reengineer social mores and thus gain total control over humanity.

FASCISM. For the SJW left and its radical fringe (Antifa), violence is the preferred and permissible reaction to what they call fascism. In the real world, there are few actual fascists (in the tradition of actual fascists like Hitler and Mussolini) and those who believe in fascism are primarily nonviolent, although admittedly obnoxious. But in the SJW universe, thought is violent crime and the only possible response is a bike lock upside the head. Antifa and similar “direct action” groups are using Nazi brown shirt tactics against their ideological enemies, but they are entirely oblivious to this irony. Donald Trump isn’t a Nazi, he isn’t the “New Hitler.” He’s another crony capitalist and his rise to the presidency is a product of his pathological narcissism and insincere promises made to voters. Antifa is caught in a time warp. It’s not the 1930s and the Friends of New Germany no longer exist. No civil war rages in Spain and there isn’t a new Franco or Hitler rounding up and executing communists, socialists, and (misattributed) anarchists.

If we allow these people to influence the government, there will be hell to pay in the months and years ahead. It looks like the Democrats will take back the House later this year and may have a shot at controlling the Senate. In 2020, there is a good chance a Democrat will be president, possibly an avowed socialist. This Democrat will mouth SJW platitudes, but this is a magician’s trick—behind the scenes, the same bankers and corporatists in collusion with a subservient political class continue to push for endless war and a surveillance and police state to put down any significant resistance.

If the SJW crowd pushes their agenda too fiercely—attacking Democrats that have become Nazis and Hitlers overnight for disagreeing with aspects of their violent cultural Marxist philosophy—the state will crack down, as it did in the 1960s using COINTELPRO and police violence.

The SJW folks appear to be incapable of understanding they are being played. The future of the America isn’t “social justice.” The future of America is social control, the engineered destruction of the middle class, and the elimination of enemies of the state. If the SJW gang refuses to go along with the globalist agenda, they will become victims of their own device.

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2 thoughts on “Delusions of the Social Justice Warrior Gang

  1. Certainly after the authoritarians, that the Marxist crowd supports, gained control there would be many disillusioned Marxists as they realized they’ve been played.
    Many of these Marxists would then protest their newly founded ‘government’. However, authoritarians don’t tolerate dissidents and they would end up imprisoned by the very system they brought into power.
    I think Lenin called such people “useful idiots”.

  2. I highly recommend checking out Yuri Bezmenov. You can find his epic talks on YouTube and other video hosting websites.

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