Russian Collusion Poll Shows How Easily Americans Are Fooled

The Washington Post has posted the results of a recent poll conducted in conjunction with ABC News.

President Trump’s disapproval rating has hit a high point of 60 percent, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that also finds that clear majorities of Americans support the special counsel’s Russia investigation and say the president should not fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

All this poll demonstrates is that the American people are easily fooled when a Big Lie stamped with the seal of approval and imprimatur of the state is rolled out by its corporate propaganda service, the same folks who engineer misleading polls.

No doubt many who originally supported Trump no longer do so today, in large part because he promised the Moon and delivered a partially eaten Moon Pie instead.

The Big Lie works because too many Americans either refuse or can’t be bothered to discover the truth for themselves, instead relying on a Vanderbilt baby and CIA recruit reading from a CNN teleprompter to formulate their opinions.

Polls like this are designed to provide legitimacy to what is an obvious fraud and turn the American people against any effort to end the corruption and criminality of government, never mind Trump is hardly the sort of man who will “drain the swamp” of on-the-take political opportunists and K Street lobbyists handing out crisp new thousand dollar bills to guide legislation favorable to crony capitalists.

As for Sessions, we have to ask why Trump appointed this retrograde troglodyte in the first place. This appointment should have sent a strong message to the MAGA crowd—you were manipulated, taken for granted, there will be no swamp draining, no change of the guard, the bankers and corporatists will continue to run things.

Trump doesn’t get it. He demands the Federal Reserve “help him in his trade dispute with China” while apparently oblivious to the fact this organization masquerading as a federal agency is a central part of the globalist order.

The Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization sit at the apex of the globalist International order and are adamantly opposed to protectionism, not because it hurts the American people—tariffs are additional taxation—but because it endangers the order carefully put into place after the Second World War by the ruling elite.

Meanwhile, the government supports all manner of central planning, provides subsidies to corporations—thus feeding crony capitalists—and holds up a state-run import-export bank.

Trump does not appear to be cognizant of the fact government monetarist policies—as dictated by a cartel controlled by bankers—are responsible for most of our financial woes.

The ultimate impeachment of Trump and sending his partisans into the political wilderness—or to prison for neglecting to pay taxes—will eventually result in the rug being pulled back over the tiny corner Trump exposed as he went about wheedling votes and making promises impossible to keep.

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2 thoughts on “Russian Collusion Poll Shows How Easily Americans Are Fooled

  1. It’s kind of like asking the average American, who was worse, Stalin or Hitler ?
    99% would answer Hitler. Even though, under Stalin, 20 million or more were victims of genocide before WWII even started.
    Yep, stupid is as stupid does…….

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