Microsoft and the Fancy Bear

From NBC News yesterday:

Microsoft said Tuesday that it executed a court order to shut down six websites created by a group tied to Russian intelligence that sought to spoof conservative U.S. institutions, the U.S. Senate and Microsoft itself.

I call fake news. There is zero evidence the websites in question are connected to Russian intelligence. 

This latest accusation of Russian hacking comes from Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program. It took this questionable evidence to an amenable judge and he granted government permission to close down the websites. 

“[Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program] initiative will provide state-of-the-art cybersecurity protection at no extra cost to all candidates and campaign offices at the federal, state and local level, as well as think tanks and political organizations we now believe are under attack,” writes Microsoft president Brad Smith. “The technology is free of charge to candidates, campaigns and related political institutions using Office 365.” 

This seems to be a good way to beta test software that will naturally cost a fortune if you’re not a neocon institution (Hudson Institute), a handpicked and vetted establishment party candidate, or a federal, state, or local government. 

Election hacking aside, Microsoft’s supposed democracy program will “defend against disinformation campaigns in partnership with leading academic institutions and think tanks dedicated to countering state-sponsored computational propaganda and junk news.”

Junk news. 

You know, alternative media. 

According to Microsoft the alternative “junk” media is a threat “to our democratic processes” along with phantom Russians who hate us for our freedoms. 

Addressing this threat to democracy will require significant new efforts by governments, technology companies – both individually and in partnership – as well as academia and civil society.

In addition to the Hudson Institute, Microsoft claims the International Republican Institute (IRI) fell victim to malicious Russians. 

The IRI is described by NBC as “a nonprofit pro-democracy group whose board includes numerous prominent Republican figures, including Sen. John McCain of Arizona, and former Republican National Committee Chairman Frank Fahrenkopf.” 

Left out of this description is the inconvenient fact the IRI—funded by the American taxpayer—is a vehicle for the National Endowment for Democracy (there’s that word again). The IRI and NED are in the color revolution business, an updated version of the CIA’s long-running staged coup, election fixing, and assassination programs. 

It’s easy to see through this.

The IRI and NED were thrown out of Russia for meddling in its affairs along with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the MacArthur Foundation, The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and Freedom House, among others. Putin understands these are subversive organizations. 

The insinuation is vengeful Russians hacked the IRI and Hudson Institute (the latter well known for its anti-Russian animus) as some kind of payback. 

I believe Russia hacks the US the same way the US hacks Russia and other governments. This behavior is standard intelligence tradecraft. All governments that have the capacity to do so engage in intelligence gathering and malicious cyber activity—and the United States government is the leader of the pack. The CIA developed a line of sophisticated cyber hacking tools, and so did the NSA. These malware tools were leaked online in order to spread chaos and further enhance the threat of rogue hackers. 

Endgame: a locked down and sanitized internet where anonymity and encryption are outlawed. The Great Firewall of China comes to mind. 

I believe US and British intelligence are responsible for most of this and more, including the Skripal and Charlie Rowley and Dawn Strurgess poisonings. As usual, no evidence is provided Russia had anything to do with these events, but apparently the American and British people no longer need evidence. Most are trained in public school to take whatever the government says as gospel truth and this is reinforced by a controlled media that turns government lies into incontestable facts. 

Microsoft is in partnership with the state—what Mussolini called true fascism—and the objective is to further centralize and control the internet. This can only be accomplished under the guise of “democracy,” which is now a catchword for the political class and neocons at prestigious think tanks. 

It’s one thing to take away access to technology to silence critics, quite another to keep repeatedly provoking Russia for no other reason than the national security state will soon need a big war following the crash of the casino economy.

Microsoft is in the business of selling lies for the state. It is in partnership with the government and corporate partners to sanitize not only social media but the entire internet. If the operation wasn’t so obviously transparent and easily debunked it surely would hold up under scrutiny. It does not—-and yet is still professed as truth by the government and its media corporations. 

Many of us thought this whole Russia collusion farce and the Mueller investigation would have petered out by now. Instead it got a temporary boost when Michael Cohen pled guilty and went so far as to say he will testify about Trump before Congress without immunity. 

No telling if any of this will bring down Trump. 

Meanwhile the purge continues across social media. Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter are moving fast to “de-platform” millions of people for the crime of disagreeing with the state and its corporatist partners. 

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  1. They are doing their best but it’s not going to work. They will be removed from this country. We’ll start at the ballot box.

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