Killed by Fake News

Back in July The Washington Post posted a negative article aimed at encrypted message services. 

Government hates not being able to get into your devices. It hates the very idea that meal ticket plebs can talk without the overlords listening in—on national security grounds, of course. 

The Post article focuses in on WhatsApp, a messaging service owned by Facebook. The article claims WhatsApp is responsible for murder and terrorist attacks. Because it is not “open,” it is the preferred method of communication between bad actors. 

But where it really shines, the Post insists, is in the dissemination of fake news, what the establishment has determined in its infinite wisdom is  disinformation smothering democracy.  

The closed nature of messaging services complicates the already difficult task of fighting rumors and stamping out lies. Unlike the largely open forums of Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp hosts private chats among groups of friends. It is encrypted, or mathematically scrambled, so that no one — not even the service’s employees — can read the content of messages that were not intended for them.

Is combatting rumors and lies the job of the federal government? I didn’t see that mentioned the last time I read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Squelching lies and rumors is not the primary objective. Killing encryption and privacy are. 

Making the internet safe for the state and its media is the central aim of this campaign of silence. It has nothing to do with saving the lives of lynching victims in India. 

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  1. Just imagine their frustration when you don’t even use the social networking sites and barely carry a cell phone!

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