Less Than Zero at Facebook

I am a malicious actor.

Or would be if I was still on Facebook. 

This is a term used to describe people like me at Facebook. People who post “fake news,” as determined by NATO, banks, and transitional corporations at the Atlantic Council.

Earlier today, The Washington Post reported:

The previously unreported ratings system, which Facebook has developed over the past year, shows that the fight against the gaming of tech systems has evolved to include measuring the credibility of users to help identify malicious actors.

If you’re a “malicious actor” and are perceived to be “gaming the system,” as determined by the Atlantic Council and other establishment “fact checkers” (including the SPLC), you’ll get a zero rating. 

If you’re not “controversial”—you don’t wander beyond acceptable corporate political parameters—you’ll get a rating of one. 

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to imagine the outcome of this. After you receive a zero score for posting a “problematic” news story, you will be marked up as malicious and eventually purged from the social media universe. 

Meanwhile, if you’re a famous neocon warmonger like Bill Kristol or John Bolton you get to keep both your account and your shiny little verification badge.  

Kristol and the neocon crew are the real malicious actors, having pushed a war based on fake news that cost over a million and a half lives. 

War crimes are not on the Facebook radar. 

However, opposing war and enumerating the economic crimes perpetuated by the banker cartel turns one into a malicious, untrustworthy, problematic, and less than zero actor. 

 The reputation assessments come at a moment when Silicon Valley, faced with Russian interference, fake news and ideological actors who abuse the company’s policies, is recalibrating its approach to risk—and is finding untested, algorithmically-driven ways to understand who poses a threat. Twitter, for example, now factors in the behavior of other accounts in a person’s network as a risk factor in judging whether a person’s tweets should be spread.

In other words, your “friends” must also pass the corporate ideological test. Your feed will be put on a liquid diet if bad actors share or retweet problematic content and it ends up on your page. 

This will be decided by an algorithm. 

The Washington Post reported in June: 

Facebook will also use machine-learning tools to identify duplicates of debunked stories that continue to pop up on the network. The company said that more than a billion pictures, links, videos and messages are uploaded to the social platform everyday, making fact-checking difficult to execute by human review. The automated tools will help the company find domains and links that are spreading the same claims that have already been proved false. Facebook has said it will use AI to limit misinformation, but the latest update applies to finding duplicates of false claims.

It doesn’t take a fortune teller to figure out where this is going. In the not too distant future, if you post content that an algorithm—programmed with assistance from the SPLC and NATO—finds unacceptable, you will be shown the memory hole, and so will everybody else who has posted on your page. 

If you “have a Facebook,” now is the time to get the hell out of there before they block your account and blacklist you. 

Facebook is not your friend. 

Facebook venture capital came from former PayPal CEO Peter Thiel. He founded Palantir, a CIA-backed tech offshoot. Palantir took CIA money beginning in 2004. Facebook is also connected to the venture capital from Accel Partners, a firm in cahoots with In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s tech investment appendage. 

Facebook and Twitter are vital components of the national security state and its sprawling surveillance apparatus. Everything you do there is added to your NSA dossier. 

Now is the time to escape Facebook and Twitter. There are alternatives—Gab, Open Mind, and others—where you can read truth news, not propaganda dispensed by the state and regurgitated on social media. 

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  1. Facebook and Palantir are corporate sponsors of the Rockefeller CFR. Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg is a CFR member. The Atlantic Council, a NATO affiliate, was founded by CFR members. Council president Frederick Kempe and most of the directors are CFR members. See lists in the CFR annual report.

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