Twitter Memory Holes Antiwar Activist Caitlin Johnstone

Target Liberty posted a screen capture of Caitlin Johnstone’s terminated twitter account.

The Silicon Valley division of the national security state is now in the process of memory-holing high traffic users in violation of corporate community terms of service which are of course selectively enforced.  


Johnstone is a critic of the war party and its crimes against humanity.

She had to go. 

Johnstone cannot be allowed to infect other users with her pathogen of peace. 

I don’t know why her account was terminated. Caitlin likes to curse and this may be the excuse used to get rid of her. Then again—Twitter is a cesspool of invective, insults, defamation as entertainment, and general nastiness that has nothing to do with politics or killing Syrians and maybe soon Iranians if Trump and his neocons have their way. 

It is now set in stone. Social media will purge you if you are a well-trafficked user and espouse viewpoints contrary to the official narrative cranked out by the state. 

I imagine it won’t be long before the less popular are purged and the social media world can go back to its roots—friendly and mindless posts of selfies and puppy dog pictures. 

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