Fear and Loathing in the Land of Political Retards

If you can’t properly identify the slave owner, you will remain a slave. 

The American people are slaves—to forever debt, forever wars, and forever politicians on the take—and they will never realize emancipation, not if they keep buying into false narratives.

Fake saviors abound. Fake political solutions to state-manufactured problems are proposed, legislated, and forced on the people who are in large part political retards. 

What do I mean by political retards? 

Most Americans have no idea why the middle class is dissolving, why the nation is in rapid and apparently irreversible decline, and why the wars roll on for decades. It’s safe to say war is a permanent feature. 

Examples of this pervasive and perverse retardation abound. 

First and foremost, Donald Trump. He was characterized as a savior by his followers and a demon, racist, misogynist, and even Hitler reborn to his foes.

Donald Trump is not a savior or monster. He’s a narcissist who wanted to be president. Trump is the King of Political Retards. He is not qualified for the job. 

This was obvious the moment he told us he would run for president. His ignorance of geopolitics and history—real history, not the manufactured version drilled into us by our government education system and corporate propaganda media—make him a near perfect tool for the rulers, owners of the state, the debt slave and infinity war managers. 

For the MAGA crowd this ignorance is an attribute, it shows that Trump is not a swamp creature, he will never go after the Deep State (with the exception of Democrats and the “fake news” media). 

In order to believe this, you will have to ignore Trump’s visits to the feet of Henry Kissinger and his appointment of Goldman Sachs vultures to run the economy, generals to run the wars (thus making sure they never end), and neocons directing the phony war on terror which is—for those not suffering from political retardation—a clear sign the Israelis remain in control of US foreign policy in the Middle East.

If you want to end terror, you don’t sidle up to the Saudis, a fossilized and religiously intolerant monarchy that has inspired and funded Wahhabi brand terrorists for decades. 

The war on terror is designed to last generations. It is a government ensured meal ticket for the military-industrial-surveillance complex. This is an endless war on a roster of ever shifting enemies—Osama bin Laden, Abu al-Zarqawi, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State, and now Vladimir Putin the Destroyer of Democracy and disruptor of elections. 

Trump the proclaimed noninterventionist has yet to put an end to this destructive madness. It was silly to expect him to shut down the wars. On the campaign trail he sounded oddly—maybe not so oddly—like a neocon (minus the intellectual pretense). He advocated torture, waterboarding, stealing Arab oil, and “bombing the shit” out of small defenseless countries. 

Neocons despise this interloper, this outlier who bought his way into the White House with lies and false promises. But they love his ownership of the war on terror and his indiscriminate murder of innocents. They can live with his decisions, even as they trash him on social media. 

Thus far, Trump has killed thousands of Syrian civilians, dropped a “massive ordinance” bomb on an a manufactured terror group in Afghanistan, bombed a Syrian airbase, threatened North Korea with “fire and fury,” and recently said he would do something similar against Iran if it dares respond to brutal economic sanctions imposed on it after Trump dumped the Iran deal. 

His obsession with all things military will add enormously to the debt and seal the fate of millions of future Americans who will be expected to pick up the tab. 

For many ill-educated (or rather miseducated) Americans, the manufactured war on manufactured terror is a necessity because… well, because they hate us for our freedom and want to undermine our “democracy”—a feel-good facade disguising oligarchic control and manipulation—and this must be answered with MOABs and cruise missiles, never mind the “collateral damage” that is hardly ever mentioned and strenuously denied by the Pentagon and its apologists. 

Ask the average American about the history of the Middle East—carved up by the British and French, who installed malleable clients and sadistic dictators and exploited religious, ethnic, and tribal divisions to “divide and conquer”—and they will look at you like an alien visitor from Alpha Centauri. 

Ask the average American about the Federal Reserve—the bankster cartel masquerading as a federal agency—and you will likely receive a similar stare of incomprehension. Trump said he would look into the Fed and its basement level interest rates and pumping up the fake stock market with fake and inflated dollars. After taking office, he said Janet Yellen, then Fed boss, was doing a heck of a job. 

Fool me once, shame on you…

If we can believe the corporate propaganda media, so-called millennials have had it with capitalism and will vote socialist in 2020 and beyond. 

This fantasy alone reveals the depth and severity of political retardation. This political system, wherever it is imposed, results in starvation, violence, and mass murder. 

“If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of superrich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite,” warned Gary Allen way back in 1971. 

The American political retard is blind, deaf, and especially dumb. 

He or she will vote for the next imposter who promises the moon and delivers a basket of spoiled goods. If they can’t grasp the true nature of the state—a power hungry psychotic beast ready to kill and destroy to realize its final objective: total and unquestioned control—then they will quite naturally vote for the next megalomanic, be he or she Democrat or Republican. 

This is why the alternative media is being systematically destroyed. It begins with social media but will not stop there. The state and its controllers will attack all who challenge the narrative and agenda. It should be noted that the final act invariably results in violence and death. 

If you’re a political retard and a go-along lemming you’re going to be surprised when there is no longer ground beneath your feet and you’re tumbling down to a horrible fate on the rocks below. 

Trump may have betrayed you, but you haven’t tasted real betrayal yet. 

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6 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in the Land of Political Retards

  1. If Trump isn’t qualified for the job, who is? Just what would be the qualifications? Ties to deep state crime, gangsters and mafias? Willingness to play along with false flags? A desire to flush America down the toilet?

  2. Everything you said is true and should be read by all Americans to serve as a wake up call. However, they will ask “what can we do to make things better?”

    The so called presidential election process that we are handed every 4 years needs to be called out for what it is, a farce. Entrenched corrupt politicians spend much of their time in office fund raising to get reelected. Another large portion of their time is spent doing political favors for the lobbyists and special interest groups that line their pockets. As campaigns heat up the media works to pare down the field through character assassinations or by shear lack of coverage for those who would make good leaders for the people. To make things look fair to the masses “Debates” are held. Problem is that the Media and the Party Bosses run the scam debates behind the scenes deciding on the topics of the discussion and who gets to speak. Questions of real importance are never discussed and viewers are forced to watch 1 hour of inane reality show entertainment where the real Stars are the Media Celebrities who ask the stupid questions. This is all sandwiched in between messages from the corporate sponsors. And don’t expect to tune in unless you have a paid Cable provided station.

    Soon we are told that we have a choice of two ordained candidates to select from on election day. But until election day we are bombarded day and night with mudslinging media commercials which tell us why their liar is better than the liar you want to vote for. On election day we trudge into the polling station to carry out our “Democratic Duty” as patriotic Americans to vote for our new Leaders. We select the least worst of the worst that have been handed to us and call it a day.

    The rigged election process and one party system is the final smackdown for those who try to use their votes to change the world.

  3. “Fear and Loathing in the Land of Political Retards”?

    What a great headline. It TOTALLY sums up our dilemma in America, today. You have LIB-TARDS (who deserve the appellation, by the way) who are ANTI-“CAPITALISM” when they can’t even comprehend the difference between the system we are currently living under CRONY-“CAPITALISM” or CRAP-ITALISM, and true FREE MARKET CAPITALISM (which I would say also includes the RULE OF LAW to protect against MONOPOLIES). In any case, there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between CRONY- (FAUX) “Capitalism” and TRUE FREE-MARKET CAPITALISM. Don’t try to explain that to a LIB-TARD, though. He’ll just call you a “Racist” or a Nazi, or something. Also, most LIB-TARDS on the “Left” don’t comprehend that Socialism is just a STEPPING-STONE TO FULL-BLOWN COMMUNISM. And, that the DIFFERENCE between the system of government that the Founding Fathers created in America in the Late 18th Century and (((MARXIST)))-COMMUNISM, is the difference between FREE-MARKET CAPITALISM and TOTAL GOVERNMENTAL NATIONALIZATION & OWNERSHIP OF ALL INDUSTRY. The Communist “experiment” in the FORMER SOVIET UNION WAS A TOTAL FAILURE. There was NO INCENTIVE TO WORK! But, hey, don’t try to tell THAT to a LIB-TARD.

    Similarly, there is a problem on the “Right” which is called ZION-ism. There are too many ZION-ist “Christians” that don’t know the TRUTH about the true identity of the so-called (really, COUNTERFEIT) “Jews”. They also don’t know the TRUTH about the HOLLOW HOAX. In fact, they don’t know the TRUTH about MANY things, which all add up to counterfeit “Jew”-ish CONTROL OVER ALL THE MAJOR INSTITUTIONS IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE.

    Another group would be Lower-Degree FREEMASONS. How many of them, do you suppose are aware that Freemasonry, at least since 1776, is a “Jew”-ish HIJACKED organization?

    Americans need to study the deliberately HIDDEN ECONOMIC HISTORY of the West, and of America. Start by reading THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.

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